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Shell FuelSave Partner - Remotely monitor driver performance and fuel consumption with our onboard system

Shell’s fuel management solution for commercial road transport companies, that can help Fleet Managers reduce fuel related costs and emissions by up to 10%.

Remotely monitor driver performance and fuel consumption with Shell FuelSave Partner. With fuel accounting for nearly 30% of operating costs it’s ever more important to find new ways to save fuel and identify potential fraudulent activities.

Shell FuelSave Partner provides easily actionable reports which link fuel card transactions with vehicle and driver data, offering you a comprehensive view of where your potential savings lie and how you can achieve them.

Offered on a subscription basis, you can enjoy the benefits quickly and without an upfront investment.

Reduce your fuel costs

Shell FuelSave Partner can help you reduce fuel costs by up to 10%. Through actionable reports it can help you improve your overall fleet performance and provide each driver with specific tips on how to improve their own driving techniques.

It’s a simple and effective way to reduce fuel consumption and, through smarter driving techniques, can also help to cut maintenance costs.

Emit less CO2

The system automatically calculates payload and can also report CO2 emissions on a per tonne-mile basis and shows you how reduced fuel consumption also results in fuel related CO2 savings. To ensure you get the best fuel management solution we have even had the design and implementation of our CO2 methodology independently tested and assured by KPMG.

Identify potentially fraudulent activity

Shell FuelSave Partner can help you potential fraudulent activities more easily by reconciling fuel card purchase data with actual fuel in the tank. The system gives you a quick and easy indication if some transactions or fuel tank level changes seem out of the ordinary. This can help you uncover errors and potential fraud.

Easy to use

Shell FuelSave Partner requires no upfront investment, so you can start enjoying the benefits fast. The on board unit is quickly installed and the system is easy to use. As for your drivers, they’re freed up to concentrate on what they do best – driving.

How it works

Shell FuelSave Partner is a fuel management solution, unique to our customers, which uses an onboard unit. It analyses your fuelling, vehicle and driver data, and provides you with easy-to-understand online reports.

Register for Shell FuelSave Partner

To register for Shell FuelSave Partner, or for more information, you can either email us or call our customer service centre.