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For years Shell has manufactured and marketed a high quality range of industrial gear oils under the brand Omala. Shell Omala Oils are the result of our research and development plus years of field experience with industrial gears. Shell offers you:

  • Extensive product array to meet your needs
  • Commitment to quality backed by a worldwide network
  • Comprehensive after sales/technical service

Shell Industrial Gear Oils Portfolio

Shell Omala HD Oils

Produced using synthetic poly alpha-olefins (PAO), Shell Omala HD Oils are designed for gears operating under severe conditions such as extremely high loads and wide temperature variations. Shell Omala HD Oils are also suitable for use in sealed-for-life or long-service intervals-gearboxes.

Shell Omala RL Oils

Using the same technology as Omala HD, Shell Omala RL Oils are meant for more moderately loaded conditions than those encountered than those encountered with Shell Omala HD Oils. Omala RL Oils can also be used in circulating systems where extreme temperature fluctuations occur.

Shell Omala Oils

As the standard for industrial gearbox lubricants worldwide, Shell Omala Oils continue to lubricate a vast majority of industrial gearboxes. Reformulated and improved over the years, Omala oils remain the premium gear lubricants all over the world.

Shell Tivela S Oils

High performance synthetic oils based on poly-alkylene glycol. Shell Tivela Oils are designed for steel-on-bronze worm gearboxes and steel-on-steel spur helical type applications.

Shell Malleus Fluid GL

A special blend of high viscosity index mineral and synthetic base oils to which specially selected additives are added. Developed for open gears subjected to extreme temperatures and operating conditions, similar to those found in cement plants and mining locations.


Table 01
Grade Description Viscosity Grades
Shell Omala HD Oils Synthetic based industrial gear oils for maximum protection. ISO 100 to ISO 680
Shell Omala RL Oils Synthetic based industrial gear oils without extreme pressure additives. ISO 150 to ISO 680
Shell Omala F Oils Heavy duty industrial gear oils meeting Flender's specification for micro-pitting. ISO 100 to ISO 460
Shell Omala Oils Industry standard heavy duty mineral oil based gear lubricants. ISO 68 to ISO 1000
Shell Tivela S Oils Synthetic based gear oils for worm gearboxes and applications where low frictional properties are essential. ISO 150 to ISO 460
Shell Malleus Fluid GL Premium quality open gear lubricants based on environmentally friendly components. GL 25, GL 95, GL, 205, GL 400, GL 500

Shell Open Gear Services

Across the world, Shell supplies a full range of lubricants and services to many industries. The lubrication of open gears is very complex, due to the interplay between equipment design and the often hostile operating environment, including wide temperature fluctuations and often heavy loads. Proper lubrication of open gears requires not only the right products but also the services needed to ensure correct application of lubricants and to continuously monitor performance.

Shell Open Gear Services include:

  • Lubrication (Spray) System Inspection & Adjustment
  • Vibration Level Monitoring & Analysis
  • Gear Tooth Flank Temperature Monitoring
  • Gear Tooth Flank Analysis
  • General Inspection Services
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Inspection Reporting