Making carbon compensation work for your fleet

At Shell Fleet Solutions, we understand the many challenges facing today’s fleets on the road to a lower carbon future, so we are developing a variety of ways to help – from fast, reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging to lower emissions fuels.

Yet however strong your focus on sustainability, your fleet is likely to produce some unavoidable emissions even after adopting new fuels and technology. Mitigating those emissions can play a key role in your low-carbon planning. We have high-quality nature-based solutions, independently verified to determine their carbon impact and their social and biodiversity benefits.

And the Shell Card makes the process simple and cost-effective.

A Road in Vally

Good for the environment and good for your business

As well as helping to address your fleet’s environmental impact, CO₂e compensation also has a number of clear business benefits:

  • Demonstrate corporate leadership
  • Appeal to your customers and employees
  • Meet your carbon emissions commitments
  • Create long-term sustainability value for your business

How carbon compensation at Shell works

How it works

Once you opt-in, each time your drivers refuel using the Shell Card, the equivalent amount of carbon credits will be purchased to compensate the CO₂e emissions from your fuels. In the process, your company will support the protection and redevelopment of ecosystem that absorb carbon, contributing to nature-based CO₂ reduction projects around the world to effectively reduce your environmental impact.

You don’t even have to change the way you work – Shell automatically calculates your fuels CO₂e lifecycle emissions and compensates them using a global portfolio of nature-based projects.

If you choose to drive carbon neutral you will pay a fee to offset the CO₂e lifecycle emissions of your fuels.

  • Card

    Step 1

    You opt-in to compensate the CO₂e emissions from your fleet. Your drivers use the Shell Card to refuel as usual.

  • Metro icon

    Step 2

    Shell tracks your fleet’s overall fuel consumption and calculates the associated lifecycle CO₂e emissions.

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    Step 3

    Shell will purchase carbon credits equivalent to the amount of your fleet’s CO₂e emissions in order to compensate them through Shell’s global portfolio of nature-based projects. Charges will be applied to your account.

  • Card

    Step 4

    Shell will issue a yearly retirement certificate confirming that the fuel has been compensated.