Road traffic accidents claim around 1.35 million lives every year, according to the World Health Organization. In addition to working hard to keep our drivers safe, we also work with communities in many different locations to help to address challenges around road accidents and fatalities. Some of our road safety programmes aim to improve adult driver behavior; others are designed for school children, increasing their road awareness and teaching them to follow simple safety rules. 

Below are some examples of Shell’s community road safety programmes around the world.

School children holding shell safety signs for #shellselamatsampai


Shell Malaysia has over sixty years’ experience in delivering road safety education in the country. Their road safety programme #ShellSelamatSampai, which translates to ‘arrive safely with Shell’, focuses on road safety awareness and behavioral change among motorcyclists and young road users, who are the road users with the highest fatality rate in road crashes.

Read more about our road safety programme in Malaysia


Road safety banner in India


India has one of the worst traffic accidents records in the world. According to figures from the country’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, there is one road fatality every four minutes. This is why we have begun a campaign called #DriveSafeIndia, run by Shell India and VisionSpring, a non-governmental organisation which aims to provide affordable glasses to billions of people around the world, is helping drivers like him.

Read more about the road safety campaign in India

group of people


In 2019, Shell U.K. Upstream delivered a pilot community road safety programme at a primary school in Aberdeen. The programme is a collaboration between Shell, ASCO, ABSAFE, and Tullos Bike User Group (BUG). The programme's focus areas are truck and cycling safety education. The target age group is 9-11 year olds, as many children start to walk to and from school independently at this age. The students learnt about blind spots, braking distances, wide turns and other hazards related to truck transport. The Tullos Bicycle User Group (BUG) demonstrated the importance of bike safety when riding near trucks. 2020 will see the programme rolled out to multiple schools across Scotland.

International collaborations

As well as running our own road safety programmes, we are active in international collaborations.

Shell is a board member of the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) where businesses, governments and development agencies work together to prevent road deaths and reduce injuries around the world.

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Our approach to transport safety

We develop best-practice standards within Shell for all transportation modes, and work with specialist contractors, industry bodies, non-governmental organisations and governments.

Driver safety

We enforce road safety standards no matter where we operate and run road safety programmes globally to keep our drivers – employees and contractors – safe.

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