In Sichuan Province, China, Shell has partnered with Mercy Corps and other non-government organisations to assist 150 small-holder farmers who were affected by our operations. 

A two-year advice and training programme was launched in 2014 to help the farmers improve their long-term livelihoods. It advised and trained farmers on agricultural practices for better-quality crops including seed selection, pest control and planting techniques. Business-focused workshops offered a foundation in marketing, accounting and sales promotion.

As a result, farmers planted higher-value black peanuts and sweet potatoes and expanded their sales reach with a new online store. In 2015, they almost doubled their revenue: their black peanuts are now sold nationwide and are popular with customers in big cities along the eastern coast.

The high quality of their sweet potatoes has earned them a sales agreement with a food processing plant.

The livelihood programme is part of Shell’s global strategic partnership with Mercy Corps, which is seeking to transform how companies and non-government organisations can benefit by working together.

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