One of the ways Shell manages its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is to work on improving the energy efficiency of the facilities we operate.

We produce GHG and energy management plans with annual updates for Shell-operated facilities that account for more than 50,000 tonnes of emissions per year, and for each proposed project that will account for more than 500,000 tonnes of GHG emissions per year.  These plans must include the sources of emissions, as well as a forecast of expected emissions at the site for at least 10 years. It must also outline options for improving energy efficiency or reducing emissions.

Some of the ways Shell improves energy efficiency include making our equipment more reliable through maintenance, by smart-scheduling of maintenance activities or by installing more energy-efficient equipment.

See our Sustainability Report for our progress and energy efficiency performance data. 

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We take steps to reduce airborne pollutants from our operations and help customers reduce their impact on air quality by using our products.


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