Reference Price on Date 25/05/2022

Product Baht/Litre
Shell FuelSave Gasohol E20: 42.74
Shell FuelSave Gasohol 91: 43.58
Shell FuelSave Gasohol 95: 43.85
Shell V-Power Gasohol 95: 51.34
Shell Diesel B20: 31.94
Shell FuelSave Diesel: 31.94
Shell FuelSave Diesel B7: 31.94
Shell V-Power Diesel: 31.94
Shell V-Power Diesel B7: 

Unit Baht/Litre

**Above data is only reference fuel price for Shell Service Station in Bangkok & vicinities.

More information please contact Shell Customer Service Centre, Thailand.

Remark: This reference price exclude Bangkok provincial tax

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