Bring out the best from Shell and Ferrari

Over 60 years ago, we began working with Ferrari to develop a race fuel that provides the power, protection and performance demanded by the ultimate motor sport; Formula One.  Through this technical partnership we have helped propel the Ferrari team to over 150 individual race wins as well as 10 Formula One World Constructors’ and 12 Drivers’ Championship titles.

Now, we are bringing that winning passion from the track to you.

Shell’s passion for performance, with Ferrari

When it comes to driving, we share the same passion as Ferrari – a passion for performance. Shell V-Power is the direct result of a day-to-day technical partnership between the Shell engineers and scientists, and those in the Ferrari team.  What we’ve learned with Ferrari at the racetrack, we’ve adapted for the road.
Just think – if Shell V-Power can help keep Ferrari road cars in peak condition, imagine what it can do for yours.

What is special about Shell V-Power Gasohol?

  • A unique formulation that contains components selected for their ability to help deliver more power, improved acceleration and enhanced responsiveness.
  • Shell V-Power Gasohol 95 with Ethanol 10% mixture is designed to bring out the best performance of your car with affordable price.
  • Designed to prevent power-robbing deposits forming on the valves and injection systems.  In addition it is formulated to clean up existing deposits to help enhance the responsiveness of your engine.  Using Shell V-Power Gasohol 95 can help keep a new car performing like new for longer and can help rejuvenate older cars.
  • Now ready for your new experience, the first country in Asia

1. Dirty valves with carbon deposits before use Shell V-Power Gasohol 95
2. Shell V-Power Gasohol 95 helps remove carbon deposits
3. Clean valves after use Shell V-Power Gasohol 95

Designed to bring out the best in your car – whatever you drive

If you think performance fuel isn’t for everyday cars, think again.  At Shell, we’ve taken what we’ve learnt on the racetrack with Ferrari and created Shell V-Power for the road.  Its designed to clean your engine for more efficient combustion in any type of engine, and so improve your car’s responsiveness.  So suitable for any gasoline engine that can fill gasohol.

New Shell V-Power Gasohol 95
Premium Gasohol, now at Shell Service Stations nationwide that have V-Power Gasohol 95 sign.
For more information, call 0-2657-9888 press 1 for Thai language and press 4 for Product enquiry or visit

Automobile and Motorcycle List for Shell V-Power Gasohol 95

Automobile and Motorcycle Brands & Models Download Files
Car A-J
- K-M
- N-T
- V
Motorcycle H-Y
- Y

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