8 steps of ProServ’s customer services

  1. Reception staff offers warm greeting, well waiting area, including hot & cool drink.
  2. The receptionist provides recommendations on Shell lubricant products that are most suitable for your vehicle.
  3. The receptionist presents the customer with ProServ’s free 8-step security checks.
  4. We inform customers about estimated service time and expenses.
  5. Our professional technicians render the oil change services. Touchless your engine by modern equipment.
  6. The chief technician performs the after-service check.
  7. The chief technician provides customer with a summary of the services and further suggestions (if any).
  8. The receptionist collects the service charge, promptly issues the tax invoice and informs you of the next oil changing date. After that we confidently return the vehicle back to you.

8 steps of free security checks

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Standard Prices of Shell Lubricants

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