Shell upgrades service station toilets, highlighting concept ‘Universal Design: Safety and Hygiene; Environmentally Friendly’, certified ‘Best Toilets of 2020’

Dec 23, 2020

Bangkok – The Shell Company of Thailand Limited constantly reaffirms its commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction – from high quality oil to great services at its stations. To further this, the company continually applies innovations to upgrade toilets for customer convenience and safety, addressing three key factors: Universal Design, Safety and Hygiene, and Environmentally Friendly. Recently, the company was awarded ‘Best Toilets of 2020’ certification from the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, on the occasion of World Toilet Day 2020. Shell is planning to upgrade at least 50 toilets nationwide annually.

Shell uplifts customers’ journeys with Shell GO+ application; instant access to your points with an abundance of rewarding benefits

Dec 18, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand - The Shell Company of Thailand Limited continues to serve customer needs in today’s digital age with the introduction of the Shell GO+ application, which ‘Makes Every Journey a Plus’. Through an easy switch from a card-based rewards programme to the mobile application, members can now instantly and conveniently collect and redeem points on their smartphones. Shell ClubSmart members who have completed the migration to Shell GO+ application and new Shell GO+ members who sign up for special offers will also receive free points. Customers can now use Shell GO+ application at Shell stations nationwide.

Shell triumphs at TAQA Award 2020, wins two trophies for quality oil; moving forward with innovation in response to customer demand

Dec 16, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand - The Shell Company of Thailand Limited. again, reinforces its leadership in high quality oil and continues to win the hearts of Thai motorists, with two awards at the Thailand Automotive Quality Award (TAQA) 2020. Under the category for products related to vehicles, Shell has received the most votes from Thai motorists for “Outstanding Lubricant” and “Outstanding Fuel” for seven and three consecutive years, respectively. The win proves customers’ confidence in Shell’s high-quality products, as the company is poised to lead the market with world-class innovation, products, and services.

Shell Bitumen to open 24/7 bitumen depot service to meet higher domestic demand, revealing 3 success factors to win customers' hearts

Dec 08, 2020

Bangkok – The Shell Company of Thailand Limited continues to support the supply of bitumen solutions and products for sustainable paving, revealing three key factors: Customer Centricity, Best fit for Thailand and Supply Security, which are contributing to the success of Shell Bitumen in Thailand and winning the trust of customers. Shell Bitumen Thailand is ready to meet the needs of customers upstream to downstream and will open a 24-hour bitumen service depot early next year.

Thailand poised for major mobility benefits, says new Shell report

Nov 30, 2020

Shell’s first-ever review of mobility in Asia – Cities on The Move; Driving Asia’s Mobility Revolution – considers the challenges and opportunities for countries including Thailand

Shell celebrates 100th anniversary of Shell Bitumen globally, moving forward with innovative technology for sustainable paving solutions

Oct 08, 2020

Bangkok – The Shell Company of Thailand Ltd. aims to create a ‘Better Life’ from Shell Bitumen business, moving forward with innovative technology for sustainable paving solutions. Shell Bitumen globally places importance on all stakeholders in every sector and continues to invest, explore and develop potential solutions that can facilitate better mobility, logistics and transport while considering environmental impacts, cost efficiency, and safety for sustainable development.

Shell hosts Truck Heroes Drive Safely with Shell Rimula underlining its commitment to promoting road safety

Oct 05, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – The Shell Company of Thailand Ltd., leader in energy, is joining hands with the Department of Land Transport and the Accident Prevention Network to organize ‘Truck Heroes Drive Safely with Shell Rimula’. The programme aims to improve safe truck-driving skills, promoting road safety by raising the standard of truck driving in accordance with international standards – which includes supporting the quality and transport-safety practices of the Department of Land Transport. The 100 participating truck drivers will receive safe-driving courses for haulage driving – for both practice and theory. The courses will be conducted by experts from a renowned driving school under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and certified by the Department of Land Transport.

Shell unveils its advanced ‘Shell V-Power Diesel’ – a premium fuel with quality innovation designed for greater engine performance and efficiency

Oct 02, 2020

Bangkok – The Shell Company of Thailand Ltd. reinforced its leadership in a premium fuel with advanced quality innovation through the launch of the new Shell V-Power Diesel with DYNAFLEX Technology for Diesel B10-compatible vehicles in response to consumers’ demand for more diesel options. The new Shell V-Power Diesel demonstrates the company’s continued support of government policy and palm oil farmers. This new premium fuel will be available for consumers to experience greater engine performance and efficiency with a special promotion.

Shell marks 128th anniversary in Thailand, ‘Powering Progress Together’ for Sustainable Energy future

Sep 23, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – The Shell Company of Thailand Limited is marking its 128th year in Thailand and emphasizing its mission of powering progress together by establishing its vital role in the country’s energy transition and sustainable energy solutions. Dating back to 1892, when Shell’s Murex oil tanker approached Bangkok’s shores, the company made history by being the first to import kerosene into Thailand, beginning its role in the country’s energy evolution. It then established the Shell Transport & Trading Company, taking up the shell logo, and later expanded into other energy businesses including oil exploration at the Sirikit Field as well as an oil refinery and oil trading business. It was an important era when Thailand began building its energy security, with Shell passing on knowledge and bringing energy technology into the country. Finally, following World War II, the company changed the name to the Shell Company of Thailand Limited, as it is known today. At present, Shell is still moving forward to meet Thailand’s energy needs and is well-placed to help shape the country’s sustainable future through its customer excellence and high-quality portfolio of pioneering products for both the business and consumer sectors, from Shell V-Power fuels, Shell Helix engine oil, to Shell FuelOil Extra and Bitumen FreshAir.

Shell donates fund to Mechai Viravaidya Foundation, continuing ‘Fuel the Happiness’ Program

Sep 15, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – The Shell Company of Thailand Ltd. led by Mr. Panun Prachuabmoh, Country Chairman, (right) continues to reinforce the concept of Community Skills and Enterprise Development (CSED) which promotes learnings and occupational skills development of community by donating 8,000,000 baht fund to Mechai Viravaidya Foundation by Mr. Mechai Viravaidya, Founder and Chairman , (left) under its flagship ‘Fuel the Happiness’ programThe fund will be utilized to improve the quality of life of disadvantage students and children with disabilities through establishment school as the learning center for Social, Economic and Educational Empowerment to help them acquire occupational skills through fundamental education and occupational skills training such as modern agriculture and business knowledge that allow them to become self-reliant, aligning with Shell Thailand’s purpose to be ‘Trusted Partner for Better Life’.

Shell Thailand adapts to Covid-19 recovery phase with refreshed strategy

Aug 31, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – The Shell Company of Thailand Limited (Shell) today announced the company’s purpose as ‘Trusted Partner for Better Life’ with the #EnergyAmbition of having a better quality of life in the Covid-19 recovery phase and beyond. This serves as Shell’s key operations plan for 2020-2022 to respond to the economy and society’s changing needs brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Through partnerships and collaboration with its various stakeholders, Shell remains steadfast in working towards its ambition of powering progress together to provide more and cleaner energy solutions.

Shell continues to improve well-being of Thais, gearing toward community skill and enterprise development

Aug 26, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – Navigating through this time of uncertainty has been challenging for all. Strength within communities is needed like never before as we need to reconsider the approach to secured economy and shape a more sustainable future. At Shell, sustainability means providing more and cleaner energy solutions responsibly in a way that promotes collaboration and respects for people. The company always puts great effort into meeting the demand for energy while improving people’s lives in the environment, economic, and social securities.

Shell imagine the future scenarios competition announces winner from regional competition The world as they see it: Youths present how they envision 2050

Aug 13, 2020

Good Night Consulting Team from Thammasat University wins the first runner up prize from regional competition

Shell and Ducati Deepen Technical Partnership Renewing Engine Oil First Fill Deal in Thailand

Aug 07, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – Shell and Ducati announced the three-year renewal of their engine oil first fill agreement for all Ducati motorcycles produced its factories in Rayong (Thailand) as well as in Bologna (Italy).

Shell Thailand introduces ‘office of the future’, reveals newly renovated ‘Good Health & Well-Being Workplace’ in response to post-COVID-19 changes

Jul 22, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – The Shell Company of Thailand Limited is highlighting its “Good Health & Well-Being Workplace”, a concept to reinforce positivity for employees’ physical and mental wellbeing, encourage employees to care for each other and support skills development, which will ultimately be of great value to themselves, customers, and society while keeping staff receptive to changes during the ‘new normal’. The concept is showcased through the “office of the future”, a workplace revamp project that aims to develop employees with three principles in mind: health and hygiene in the office, an environmentally-friendly workplace, and supporting employees to have an open mindset for learning. With enhancement of safety standards from the inside out, the concept is a response to changes during the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shell announces grand prize winners of 10 million baht lucky draw

Jul 09, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, led by Ms. Suwara Supreeyathitikul, Vice Executive Director of Retail Business, recently handed over the exciting prizes to the winners of the “Shell Four-Region Lucky Draw,” a campaign that drew lucky participants from all four regions in the country. The grand prize was the All-New Isuzu D-Max Hi-Lander, which is compatible with the B10 diesel fuel. A total of four grand prizes were given to the winners from each region at Shell’s head office.

Shell continues its commitment to support the medical sector, donating 1.5 million Baht worth of infrared thermometers to Thai Red Cross Society

Jul 03, 2020

Bangkok – Thailand: Even though Thailand has no reported local transmission of COVID-19 for almost a month, The Shell Company of Thailand Limited has continuously shown its commitment to strengthen safety and hygiene standard for staff, consumers, and communities to support the New Normal lifestyle. The Shell Company of Thailand Limited led by Mr. Panun Prachuabmoh (the 4th from left), Country Chairman, presented the donation of over 500 infrared thermometers worth 1,500,000 Baht in total to the Thai Red Cross Society, a major humanitarian organization offering relentless supports to Thai community, for the distribution to local hospitals and volunteer corps nationwide. The infrared thermometer is the medical equipment used for the patient’s preliminary screening. It helps reduce the risk of infection from patient’s exposure, and facilitate medical staff in need, which aligns with Shell Thailand’s purpose to Make Life’s Journeys Better.

Shell launches “Restart Together with Shell” campaign, introducing a new strategy in response to New Normal

Jun 17, 2020

Bangkok – Thailand: The Shell Company of Thailand Limited launches the “Restart Together with Shell” campaign enhancing the customers’ back-to-the-road journey with confidence, assurance and happiness to affirm its leadership position in the global energy as well as fuel industry and in response to consumers’ changing lifestyles under the “New Normal”. Starting today, the campaign profoundly focuses on providing customers with confidence to get back on the road, assurance for their health and well-beings, and value-for-money; the campaign will thereby delight customers who have been yearning for resuming their new-normal lives.

Shell to Support National Champions of ‘imagine the Future Scenarios’ Competition in Asia Pacific and Middle East Finals With Focus on Sustainable Energy and New Normal

Jun 08, 2020

Bangkok – Thailand: The Shell Company of Thailand Limited is promoting the role of young people in the country’s energy transition by hosting the recent ‘Imagine the Future Scenarios Competition 2020 Thailand’. This is the third consecutive year of the competition, which encourages young people to imagine plausible future scenarios. This year was the first time the competition was held virtually for the health and safety of all contestants and staff. Thirty-two teams of university students from all over Thailand participated in the competition – attending a series of learning activities, and developing their projects digitally before presenting their scenarios on the topic of ‘More and Cleaner Energy in an Asia Pacific or Middle Eastern city – How will residents live, work, and play?’ via an online platform. The topic, developed by Shell, aims to encourage participation of Thai youth and prepare them for the future transition to ‘more and cleaner energy’. The contestants also learned to use Shell Scenarios, a set of tools aiding them to exchange their thoughts and views on how future cities might be.

Shell partners with the Chaipattana foundation in fostering recovery from COVID-19

May 19, 2020

Bangkok – Thailand: The Shell Company of Thailand led by Mr. Panun Prachuabmoh, Country Chairman, continues to foster the safety and well-being of Thais by presenting 2,000,000 baht to The Chaipattana Foundation COVID-19 Aid Fund (and Other Pandemics). The financial assistance will support the work of medical staff who are putting their lives on the line to treat COVID-19 patients, communal hospitals in rural areas and especially in-need areas. Shell Thailand is moving forward to support and improve Thai people’s safety and well-being after the pandemic.

Shell launches Pay at Pump: In-car contactless payment nationwide; enhancing consumer safety, responding to the new normal and supporting government’s policy

May 15, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – The Shell Company of Thailand Limited is enhancing the safety standard and good hygiene commitment of its products and services with the launch of Pay at Pump: In-car contactless payment with PromptPay QR Code in the petrol-filling areas at Shell stations nationwide from May 15th onwards. The ‘Pay at Pump’ with PromptPay QR code is the latest contactless payment solution, in addition to the already-in-use ‘Tap & Go’ payment service. Shell will also introduce Credit Card QR Code payment this coming June. With the full service of contactless payments at Shell stations, Shell is committed to support the Ministry of Energy’s policy to enhance hygiene and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and supporting the new normal for consumers. 

Shell cares for Thais, provides financial assistance for medical support to foster recovery from COVID-19 crisis Strengthening sanitary measures – continuously promoting safety nationwide

May 13, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – The Shell Company of Thailand Limited (Shell) is helping the Thai community get through the COVID-19 during the recovery phase, by collectively donating 4 million baht to medical organizations to help prepare for long-term public health readiness. This includes the purchase of essential medical devices, healthcare research and development and medical equipment. Moreover, ‘Onwards with Thais Fund’, established by Shell employees, presented 150,000 baht to hospitals in need to enhance public health response during these challenging times. 

Shell cares for the health of Shell ClubSmart members, gives away free alcohol hand sanitizers

Mar 31, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – The Shell Company of Thailand Limited cares for the health of our Shell ClubSmart members. Therefore, we are giving away 10,000 pieces of 72% alcohol hand sanitizers to help customers maintain good hygiene and keep their hands free of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Shell ClubSmart members can register online to receive their free hand sanitizer from 1 April 2020 onwards (while stocks last).

‘Shell Give It All Out!’ Joins Hands with Pringles Potato Chips and Oishi Green Tea to Boost Energy of All Motorists

Mar 18, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand - The Shell Company of Thailand Limited is providing a great experience for consumers by launching the ‘Shell Give It All Out’ campaign, where the company is joining hands with two leading partnersKellogg (Thailand) Company Limited, the importer and distributor of Pringles Potato Chips, and Oishi Group Public Company Limited, the manufacturer and distributor of Oishi Green Tea, to boost the energy of all Thai motorists nationwide by just filling up with 800 baht of Shell V-Power, receive a free 42g can of Pringles Potato Chips or filling up with 800 baht of other Shell fuels, receive a free 180ml carton of Oishi Green Tea Honey Lemon at Shell stations nationwide, starting today and running until April 30th or while stocks last.

Shell Rimula Continues to Support Truckers with ‘You are the Real HERO’ – 3rd Year of Campaign; Providing More Efficient Lubricants for Drivers of Thai Economy

Mar 12, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand - The Shell Company of Thailand Ltd., one of the world’s leading energy and lubricant companies, is highlighting its intention to continue supporting truckers by launching its ‘You are the Real HERO’ campaign for the third consecutive year. The campaign presents the views of truckers, who have an important role in driving the country’s economy forward. Shell Rimula supports them by delivering truck engine oils that protect from within. The campaign is also organizing safe-driving training courses to enable truckers to be successful in their great mission.

Shell joins hands with Starbucks to open the first Starbucks store in a Shell station to fuel happiness for consumers

Feb 17, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand - The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, together with Starbucks Coffee (Thailand), launches the first Starbucks store located within a Shell station in Thailand. Located at Shell Montien Rung Rueng Branch 5 service station, the Starbucks store now provides new services and a variety of food and drinks to customers, with the goal to elevate the service stations to be ‘Fuel-the-Happiness Stations’ for customers. 

Shell Thailand launches Bitumen freshair which helps reduce particulates and impact on local Air Quality

Feb 13, 2020

The Shell Company of Thailand Limited launches today a new bitumen product that can help reduce the impact of asphalt production and paving on local air quality. Shell Bitumen FreshAir has been shown to help reduce emissions of specific gases and particulates from asphalt mixtures during production and paving by an average of 40%1 when compared to conventional bitumen.

Shell introduces the new Shell FuelSave Diesel B10 to support the government’s policy and oil palm farmers

Feb 03, 2020

Bangkok – Thailand: The Shell Company of Thailand Limited today reinforces its “More & Cleaner Energy” strategy with the launch of the new Shell FuelSave Diesel B10 in response to the Ministry of Energy’s recent policy to adopt Diesel B10 as the country’s primary diesel fuel as well as to support Thailand’s oil palm farmers. The company plans to expand the distribution of its new Shell FuelSave Diesel B10 nationwide within February 2020, according to the government’s policy.

Shell and SCB offer experience of lifetime to lucky customers in exclusive Dubai trip

Jan 15, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand : The Shell Company of Thailand Limited partnered with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) to fly eight lucky winners from the “Win an Exclusive Dubai Trip with Shell and SCB” campaign to the United Arab Emirates. In an experience of a lifetime, the customers explored Dubai’s lavish architecture, test-drove a Ferrari, gained an exclusive access to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019, a world-class Formula One motor race, and visited several iconic landmarks in the United Arab Emirates from 29 November to 2 December, 2019.

Shell commits to developing innovation and technology skills in Thais, awards more than1.5 million-baht in research scholarships to postgraduate students

Jan 09, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand - The Shell 100th Year Education Foundation of The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, under the administration of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, recently granted 16 research scholarships to Master’s and Ph.D. students in Science and Technology, Engineering, Petrochemistry, Logistics, Renewable Energy, and Natural Resources and Environment with a total value of 1,500,000 baht. The scholarships underline Shell’s commitment to encouraging students to develop research that benefits the country’s industrial sector and enhance innovation and technology development to further elevate Thailand’s economy. 

Shell Thailand announces appointment of Panun Prachuabmoh as country chairman

Jan 06, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand - The Shell Company of Thailand Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Panun Prachuabmoh as the new Country Chairman of Shell Thailand, succeeding Asada Harinsuit, who completed his tenure with Shell on 31 December 2019. The appointment is effective as of 1 January 2020.

Shell celebrates 600th station opening, teams up with Ruam Issara to launch flagship station at Hua Hin One, Thew Talay Estate

Jan 06, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – The Shell Company of Thailand Limited and Ruam Issara Company Limited have joined up to open Shell’s 600th service station at Hua Hin One, Thew Talay Estate. Here customers will experience the new, picturesque service station with premium fuels tailored for all lifestyles. The station is aimed to be a new landmark and the first fully equipped rest stop in Cha-am and Hua Hin.