Mr. Ath Hemvijitphan, Deputy Country Chairman, The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, said: “Getting road safety right is one of our priorities as the leading energy provider. Shell is committed to making a positive contribution to the market in which we operate, and this is in addition to our day-to-day operations and expertise in products and services in line with our purpose of ‘Making Life’s Journeys Better’. To achieve this priority, we believe that collaboration between government, the private sector, Thai civil society, and other stakeholders in building knowledge, creating awareness, strengthening the country’s infrastructures and bringing together the regulations of all related parties is needed. Together these will help drive safety on Thai roads sustainably. Moreover, apart from supporting safety for drivers, we also have our internal Goal Zero program, which focuses on ensuring no harm and no leaks across all our operations. We also place priority on road safety to reduce accidents to zero.

Shell prioritizes safety by actively upholding road-safety standards through its business operations along with building awareness and providing knowledge to the public. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Thailand has the second highest number of road traffic fatality rate in the world at 36.2 per 100,000 with an annual estimate of over 24,000 deaths or 66 deaths every day. The operations on which we work with associates are performed both internally and externally and include the enforcement of rules and regulations to help reduce deaths from road accidents in the markets in which Shell operates. In Thailand, Shell is conducting several pilot road safety projects including providing safety equipment and conducting defensive training through an innovative technological simulator to 5,000 drivers and sub-contractors in its value chain to ensure a no-road-accident record for the three years to come. Shell has also initiated the “Childvoice to Safety” program to instil greater awareness and knowledge of road safety among students, parents and teachers from selected schools in Bangkok.

Moreover, Shell is looking towards contributing to Thailand’s sustainable road safety infrastructure in the near future through its innovative Shell Bitumen including a technical innovation that changes the visual appearance of road surfaces to provide ambient lighting to alert traffic of changes in driving conditions and absorb rainfall to prevent skids in the wet. Furthermore, Shell is continuously communicating with motorists through several channels to raise their awareness about road safety. Shell also aims to make Shell retail stations become safety stations, especially during high-traffic periods.

Ms. Ornuthai Na Chiangmai, Executive Director of Retail Business, The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, said: “Our initiative to transform Shell stations into safety stations and raise awareness to increase driver safety last year was successful. During the New Year's “7 Dangerous Days” this year, we welcomed more than 1 million customers to 55 special Shell service point stations along key highways. To sustainably continue our success, Shell is also offering special services during Songkran this year for both motorists and their vehicles to make sure that Shell customers drive safely from the beginning of the trip until they reach their destination. We are expecting an increase of 50% in customers to our safety stations this year.”

To help find and build sustainable solutions on the theme “You’re Safe, All Safe: Road Safety is Everybody’s Responsibility”, the partners came together for a panel discussion to talk about their own solutions.

Representatives from 3 organizations joined with Shell and brought their expertise to the table to help bring about sustainable road safety in Thailand. Dr.Prommin Kantiya, Director of the Accident Prevention Network who has worked with Shell on earlier campaigns, shared an overview of the current situation of road accidents and provided an update on the government’s policy and the Network’s activities to promote safety during the Songkran festival. Pol Maj-General Ekkarak Limsangkas, Commander of Special Branch Police Division 3, shared his opinions as a police officer of the police’s role in strictly enforcing the law and regulations. He also recommended all Thai motorists to respect the law and regulations to help reduce accidents. Mr. Wallop Ngamson, Director of Land Transport Safety Bureau, Department of Land Transport presented the role and responsibilities of the Department in conducting monitoring and inspection to ensure smooth running and conformity with relevant land transport rules and regulations especially during the Songkran period. Ms. Kornvika Boontanon, researcher with the Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Centre, offered guidelines for parents, schools and public sector drivers alike when it comes to preventing road incidents. Lastly, Mr. Pornpot Suriyont, Deputy Director of the 13th Highway Office (Bangkok), The Highways Department shared highway laws and other relevant law enforcement information and also research and development in the renovation and maintenance of the motorways, national highways and concession highways to help all motorists on the road.

Customers can enjoy the following offers at Shell stations during the Songkran festival:

  • Before the trip
    • 10-day personal accident insurance by Shell Helix for customers who purchase eligible Shell Helix products.
    • 10-point car check-ups at Shell Helix Oil Change+.
    • Free Roadside Assistance for Shell ClubSmart members
  • On the road
    • Glass Coat Windshield to help optimize driver’s vision
    •  Safety Fortune Note by Nong Thang character
    • Beverage giveaways at participating Shell stations

“We hope that the “You’re Safe, All Safe: Road Safety is Everybody’s Responsibility” campaign will be an essential element in encouraging all parties to build road safety and will inspire motorists to be aware of the effects and change their perceptions about the causes of accidents, remembering especially the fact that road crashes are avoidable. If everyone uses the road with responsibility and pays attention to road safety, Shell believes that we will be successful in achieving better safety and also imbue a safer driving culture among all Thai motorists sustainably,” Mr. Ath Hemvijitphan concluded.


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