Shell Thailand marches towards sustainability with the announcement of a ‘More & Cleaner Energy’ strategy


Bangkok, Thailand – 11 July 2018: The Shell Company of Thailand Limited is setting its sights on sustainability with the announcement of the ‘More & Cleaner Energy’ strategy – a strategic move to pursue sustainable energy amidst a global energy transition and the battle against CO2. The ‘More & Cleaner Energy’ strategy supports Thailand’s future energy needs and fulfills the increasing needs of motorists while reducing greenhouse gas emissions through innovation, partnership and people development.

Shell completes sale of stake in Thailand’s Bongkot field to PTTEP


Shell announced today that its affiliates, Shell Integrated Gas Thailand Pte Ltd and Thai Energy Company Ltd, have completed the sale of their 22.2222% interest in the Bongkot field and adjoining acreage offshore Thailand to PTT Exploration & Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) and PTTEP International Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTTEP, for a transaction value of $750 million.

Shell launches Shell OMALA S2 GX for improved performance


Bangkok, Thailand, 27 April 2018: The Shell Company of Thailand Limited underlines its leadership in lubricant innovations with the launch of Shell Omala S2GX, a premium lubricant for gearbox systems. The new and improved formula helps prolong oil life and increases machine efficiency, leading to lower overall maintenance costs for the vehicle owner.

Shell launches “You’re Safe, All Safe: Road Safety is Everybody's Responsibility” campaign, to drive sustainable safety on Thai roads


Bangkok, Thailand: The Shell Company of Thailand Limited is today emphasizing its commitment to increasing awareness and promoting road safety by launching the “You’re Safe, All Safe: Road Safety is Everybody's Responsibility” campaign. The 3-year road safety campaign in collaboration with government, the private sector, Thai civil society and independent organizations runs from 2018 to 2020 and helps support road safety in Thailand sustainably and effectively.