Bangkok - Thailand, 28 May 2015: The Shell Company of Thailand Limited today announced it donated 9 million THB on its first “Fuel the Happiness Day”, which took place across the country yesterday, 27 May, by encouraging drivers to fill up with any Shell fuel product, for which the company donated 1 baht per litre to the Mechai Pattana School. The significant donation will make a big difference to the lives of students in rural areas and help further eradicate the cycle of poverty.

According to Mr. Asada Harinsuit, Chairman of Shell Company of Thailand, and VP Retail, East, Royal Dutch Shell, the support of customers for the first Shell “Fuel the Happiness Day” was overwhelming and resulted in a total of 9 million THB

“On behalf of Shell Thailand, we want to thank our loyal customers and also new customers who, by filling up at Shell stations across Thailand yesterday, showed that they share our values of making a difference to society by helping to make small contributions that when joined together help make a real impact on our country’s future,” he said.

“Our inspiration for supporting Mechai Pattana School stems from our belief that people will power our future. Shell has been in Thailand for 123 years and we are committed to investing in helping people and our communities develop to their fullest potential through partnerships and programs that align with our brand’s global direction as well as responds to local needs, which is exactly what Khun Mechai’s unique school model does. Through the partnership with Mechai Pattana School, Shell hopes to help build the capacity of the schools to become self-sustaining lifelong learning centers and a hub for community development for its students and members of the surrounding communities.”

The four schools that will benefit from Shell’s 9 million THB donations are Ratprachanukroh number 51 School in Buriram; Ratprachanukroh number 27 School in Nong Khai; Srisangwan Khonkaen School in Khon Kaen; and Srisangwan Chiang Mai Schoolin Chiang Mai.

On behalf of Mechai Pattana students, Mr. Mechai Viravaidya thanked Shell’s customers for all their contributions that will make a difference to the future of innovative education in Thailand.

“Our School-Based Integrated Rural Development project is different from other schools that focus on poverty eradication by teaching students practical agriculture skills and basic business acumen through hands-on experience. We know that only 30% of Thai students will find employment, while the remaining 70% will become self-employed, so our aim is to equip deserving students in the community, such as those with physical disabilities, and social and economic disadvantages, with business and life skills to be successfully self-employed after they graduate,” Mr. Viravaidya said.

Mechai Pattana School also includes a teacher training component to assist teachers to become multi-purpose and take a role in development and poverty alleviation activities with students and parents.


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