Mr. Troy Chapman, Executive Director – Lubricants, The Shell Company of Thailand said:

“The market for diesel engine oils is on a rising trend, thanks to favourable domestic factors and the regional upward trend.

In the first half of 2014, Shell’s diesel engine oils market grew 2% from the corresponding period last year. The growth factors include year-on-year increase of new car registration and continued launch of new & face-lifted diesel car models by carmakers. This is in addition to annual rise of 5% in cumulative figures of in-use vehicles according to the statistic report from the Department of Land Transportation. As of August this year, the cumulative number of diesel cars in Thailand stood at 6-million units, which translated into a need for 80-million liters of diesel engine oils.”

“We also spotted a growing trend of diesel car users shifting towards fully-synthetic motor oil. A market survey carried out by Shell in the second quarter of this year led to key findings that 40% of diesel car users had already adopted fully-synthetic motor oil and more than 30% of those using mineral motor oil would embrace or wished to try a fully-synthetic motor oil. We are therefore introducing ‘Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30’, the ‘entry to fully-synthetic’ diesel engine oil to address the demand of these motorists,” explained Mr. Chapman.

Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30 is the first ‘entry to fully-synthetic’ diesel engine oil. It offers world-class quality and designed specifically to meet the demand of diesel vehicle users who wish to shift to a fully-synthetic motor oil. This new product is suitable for diesel-powered sedans, SUVs and common rail diesel pickup trucks. Active Cleansing Technology provides exceptional cleansing and prevention against sludge buildup that can lessen the performance of diesel engine. It helps reduce engine friction and improves fuel efficiency by 1%1. Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30 is retailed in two sizes, 6-liter gallon and 1-liter bottle, at introductory prices of 1,450 baht and 265 baht, respectively.

In addition to favourable domestic factors, the market for diesel engine oils is also buoyed by the region’s robust activities ahead of AEC commencement, including business expansions especially in transportation and logistics, and opening of new highways such as the East-West Corridor. Furthermore, Asia is the world’s top growth region for motor oils. Within Asia, Thailand is among the top-five markets in terms of motor oil demand, after only China, India and Japan. It is estimated that Thailand’s demand for motor oils will outgrow those of India and Japan within the next ten years.

“Our launch of ‘Shell Helix HX8 5W-40’ for benzene engine in the third quarter last year was a huge success with sales surging 50% above our target. With all the positive factors mentioned earlier, we are fully confident that the newly-launched Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30 will make a comparable phenomenon among users of diesel-powered vehicles. Shell hopes to increase the share of fully-synthetic oils in diesel cars and expects our sales of fully-synthetic oils to grow by 100% this year,” Mr. Chapman concluded.

Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30 is now available with oil change service at Proserv in 380 Shell stations nationwide, A.C.T. service centers and more than 16,000 motor oil retailers nationwide.

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