Mr. Asada Harinsuit, Chairman of The Shell Company of Thailand said “The world’s increasing population has generated rising demand for more energy. Unfortunately, exploration is unable to keep paces with the world’s need. In Thailand, the demand for energy is predicted to double its volume in 15 years. Encouraging energy efficiency is one solution to strengthen national energy security. Therefore, Shell is committed to develop high quality motor oil to maximize engine performance and reduce fuel consumption for fuel economy vehicles like eco cars, which fit today’s urban need for convenience and versatility.

Mr. Troy Chapman, Executive Director – Lubricants, The Shell Company of Thailand said “Thailand is one of the most prospective car markets in Southeast Asia Pacific. Among the growing segments, eco car is one with the highest growth. From 2010-2013, there are cumulative number of 350,000 eco cars in the market. Such a big prospect has brought many carmakers to take part with continuous launches of new eco car models. It has been projected that the figure will rise to 1.2 million within 2015 and increase the consumption of motor oil of over a million litre per annum. Foreseeing such growing trend, Shell now has introduced Shell Helix HX8 0W-20, fully synthetic motor oil developed specially for eco cars. Thailand is the first country in the world to launch this product. Shell Helix HX8 0W-20 fulfill the need of eco car users in "All…Fit!" concept. Firstly, the Right Volume in 3L pack size of Shell Helix HX8 0W-20 is just the right volume for eco car engine. Secondly, Affordable price of Shell Helix HX8 0W-20 at THB 790 is valuable for quality synthetic oils. And lastly, Nationwide Services & Distribution Channel Network of Shell enables more convenience and time-saving for eco car users. The services are provided within averaging 30 minutes at Proserv in 380 Shell stations nationwide as well as at 70 branches of A.C.T. Auto Care & Tire and DKSH’s 16,000 oil shops. Furthermore, Shell also strengthens its Shell Helix synthetic line with the launch of Shell Helix HX8 5W-40 as an additional choice for customers who look for high-quality fully synthetic motor oil to enhance their engine performance.

“Shell believes that Shell Helix HX8 0W-20 will receive good response from eco car users as same as all our other products. In the first half of 2013, Shell Lubricants’ sales volume was achieved with 2% growth, which performed better than the overall market. The launch of these 2 new products will strengthen our synthetic portfolio as well as fulfill more specific needs of car users in all segments”, concluded Mr. Chapman.


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