“Ann” Alicia Laisuthruklai and Puri Hiranpruk, were Thailand’s representatives in the final round of the search for “Asia’s Smartest FuelSaver” held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia competing against 10 representatives from 5 other Asian nations in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2010.

Mrs Pissawan Achanapornkul, Country Chairperson of The Shell Company of Thailand said Shell was very pleased to see “Ann” Alicia Laisuthruklai named as the winner in “Asia’s smartest FuelSaver” competition. The actress was able to drive 15.648 kilometres using 1 litre of Shell FuelSave. The competition aims to stimulate car users to efficiently use fuel and save more.

All participants took part in the “Shell FuelSave Academy”, an intensive boot camp led by John and Helen Taylor to prepare the finalists for the competition “Asia’s Smartest FuelSaver” a tense challenge to drive as far as possible using just one litre of Shell FuelSave. John and Helen are the owners of 85 World Records for fuel save driving.

Ann Alicia Laisuthruklai said that “I’m delighted to representative Thailand in this competition. I learnt a lot about fuel saving from experts such as John and Helen which I was able to use during the competition which helped me to win. I believe that I can help pass this knowledge and experience on to other drivers so that they can apply during their daily lives”.

The ‘Shell FuelSave Report 2010’ , conducted annually, underlined that more than 9 in 10 think fuel efficiency is an important way to save money and a new class of ‘Expert FuelSaver’ is emerging. Significant numbers of drivers, however, still underestimate how much money they could save and most don’t know how far a single litre of fuel can take you, suggesting more can be done to educate drivers about fuel saving.

In Thailand, where 88% of drivers agree that being fuel efficient is an important way to save money and 93% are willing to change their driving behaviours to save fuel, Shell will focus on trying to help the 96% of drivers who would like further advice on fuel saving.

“Shell FuelSave Report 2010” revealed that Shell has extended its effort to help drivers save 10% or more fuel . Now the focus is how to mobilise the 42% of the world’s drivers who are not currently saving. The Report suggests that fuel saving behaviours stick best when advice is shared by ‘Expert FuelSavers’ so Shell is establishing a global panel of Expert FuelSavers, starting with John and Helen Taylor, the Shell FuelSave Ambassadors and the finalists of Europe and Asia’s ‘Smartest FuelSavers’ because fuel save is easy for everybody.