Mrs. Pissawan Achanapornkul, Country Chairperson of The Shell Company of Thailand said, “Shell is very pleased to bring Shell Eco-Marathon, a well-known global event, to Asia for the first time. This race has been held in Europe for the past 25 years and in America for the past 4 years. By bringing Shell Eco-marathon to Asia, this gives young people all over the region, including Thailand, an opportunity to exhibit innovative thoughts in the creative design and development of fuel-efficient vehicles. Such an event creates greater awareness for efficient use of fuel also affords an outstanding engagement opportunity for current and future leaders who are passionate about finding sustainable solutions to the world’s energy challenge.”

Of the 84 teams from 11 countries in the region competing this year, Thailand accounts for 13 teams, making it the third largest representation after Pakistan and Malaysia. Last year, the Shell Eco-Marathon Europe was held in Germany where there was one team representing Thailand, a team from the School of Renewable Energy Technology (SERT), Naresuan University.

Archarn Pathompong Prommaboon, Head of the Khelang Nakorn LPRU team from the Faculty of Industrial Technology of the Lampang Rajabhat University has expressed his thanks to Shell for bringing the Shell Eco-Marathon to a neighbouring country, thereby giving greater opportunities for Thai students to demonstrate their abilities as well as widening their horizon at this international event.

Archarn Unnop Chandraokul of the Ma Sri Mok Team from the Banharn-Jeamsai Polytechnic College in Supanburi said that the Shell Eco-Marathon has helped to enhance the teachings of mechanical skills to future technicians, promoting innovation as well as supporting the drive for energy conservation.

The Horwang Non Team, the only high school entry from Thailand, said “We enjoy working with machinery and this project has been fun to work on. Through it, we have learnt to work as a team and the whole experience has been new and very challenging for us.”

Mr. Peerapol Sakarin, Director-General of the Department of Energy Business, said “I would like to send my good wishes to all the 13 Thai youth teams as they take part in this year’s Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2010 and wish them every success. I hope that they will come back, armed with knowledge and new technology, to help create innovative ways to help Thailand as the country pushes for energy conservation. This is an opportunity for the young people of Thailand to display their potential on an international stage.”

List of teams participating as follows:

BanHarn-Jeamsai Polytechnic College, Ban Phuruag School, Donmuang Technical College, Kasetsart University, King Mongut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Kong Thabbok Upatham Changkol Kho So Tho Bo School, Lampang Rajabhat University, Nawamindarachinutid Horwang Nonthaburi, North - Chiang Mai University, Panjavidhya Technical Training School, Phattalung Technical Collage, Sakonnakon Technical College and School of Renewable Energy Technology (SERT), Naresuan University


This race at which the prize goes to the car that travels the furthest distance on the lowest amount of fuel
The first race was held in France in 1985

In 2007 Shell Eco-Marathon organized the first competition in U.S.A.
And In 2010 Shell Eco-Marathon will be held for the first in Asia at the Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia allowing the competition to flow to other countries in this region.

In 2010, the latest statistics of the Shell Eco-Marathon held in Germany, with 221 teams from all participating countries, the record-breaking team winner was from France “The winner in the prototype category was Polytech’Nantes, France, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and achieved 4,896 kilometres on the equivalent of one litre of fuel.”

In 2010, the latest statistics from the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, from 42 teams from all participating countries, the record-breaking team was from Laval University in Quebec, Canada who took home the grand prize with an astonishing 2,487.5 miles per gallon, equivalent to 1,057.5 kilometres per litre, in the "Prototype" category. The vehicle was in the Futuristic Prototypes category.

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