Mrs. Pissawan Achanapornkul, Country Chairperson of The Shell Company of Thailand, said that after the overwhelming success from the introduction of premium-grade diesel - “Shell V-Power Diesel”. Shell Thailand is now launching “Shell V-Power Gasoline” premium-grade gasoline for Thai car enthusiasts who love fun-driving experiences. Shell V-Power Gasoline is armed with powerful technology that works perfectly in cleaning intake valves, resulting in optimum engine efficiency and improvement of engine responsiveness.

The alliance between Shell and Ferrari which has been strengthened for more than 60 years is one reason behind their joint research and development of high-quality fuels and lubricants where Formula One race tracks have been used as testing grounds for their efficiency. “Shell V-Power Gasoline” has received assurance from Ferrari that it is “Ferrari Fuel For the Road”. The fuel, no doubt is right for every gasoline car in Thailand.

Shell is proud to be the first to introduce the premium-grade gasoline to Thai customers by launching V-Power Gasoline. It is believed that the launch will mark another market revolution after Shell introduced Shell V-Power Diesel to the Thai market two years ago to the tremendous success. Thai customers will now be able to experience the world-class gasoline like customers in other countries. The launch of V-Power Gasoline also affirms the Shell leadership in developing high quality fuels for drivers all over the globe.

Mr. Simon Hirst, General Manager – Retail Sales and Operations-Thailand, said: “Shell has spent more than 100 Million Baht on marketing promotion campaigns to create awareness through series of activities at Shell gas stations nationwide in all region from today. Customers can fill up their tanks with Shell V-Power Gasoline which is now available at 400 Shell stations nationwide that has the sign "Shell V-Power Gasoline". This is the new experience that Shell challenges you to try. I believe Shell V-Power Gasoline will not disappoint Thai drivers."