Asada Harinsuit, Chairman
Asada Harinsuit, Chairman The Shell Company of Thailand Limited

“Shell Thailand is committed to supporting the Government of Thailand’s aspirations for a lower carbon energy system. Through events like this forum, we hope to encourage dialogue and collaboration between the public and private sectors and civil society as our country starts to adapt and prepare for the energy transition. We need support in terms of policy from the government sector, the encouragement of innovation and new technologies, for example, biofuel engines by car manufacturers; the use of more advanced technologies by bioenergy manufacturers to improve production. The combined effort is needed to meet the increasing demand for more and cleaner energy.”

Dr. Siri Jirapongphan
Dr. Siri Jirapongphan, Minister of Energy

“With solid planning from the government, strong collaboration with the private sector and the development of price mechanisms, Thailand is able to move forward with renewable energy and become one of the leading countries in this sector in South East Asia. This is part of the national policy known as Energy 4.0, in which the government focuses on achieving a sustainable future in energy and gaining access to energy at reasonable cost, which is key to a sustainable and fair society. The effort to increase the ratio of renewable energy has been constant and the aim is to achieve a ratio of 30% by the year 2036*.”

*Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, 2015

Dr. Cho Khong
Dr. Cho Khong, Shell’s Chief Political Analyst and part of the Shell Scenarios team

“Shell has been developing energy-focused scenarios for almost 50 years. Our latest Sky Scenario presents a possible pathway for decarbonising the global economy and achieving net-zero emissions from energy use by 2070. The Scenarios are neither predictions nor Shell’s business plan. They are not policy proposals, but we hope this contribution is helpful to finding solutions. The Paris Agreement has sent a signal around the world; If government, industry and society work together, there is the potential for a very different energy system to emerge.”

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