The World as They See It: How Today’s Youths Envision the Way We Live, Work and Play in the Future

The future is uncertain, but the issues we face today can give rise to a range of possible future outcomes.

Different factors such as the economy, environment, politics and technologies affect global energy use and demand, and can vastly change how we live, work and play in the future. Exploring and anticipating alternative futures will determine if we are able to successfully navigate the world of tomorrow.

Shell, a pioneer in the use of scenario with 50 years of experience, taps into this skill to enable youths to stretch their thinking and imagination to address our energy challenges. By imagining plausible alternative views of the future, these scenarios allow youths to explore the future and the potential challenges of living in it.

Team Thailand from Thammasat University
Team Thailand from Thammasat University

Honeybee vs Lazy Sloth, by Thammasat University, Thailand

Focusing on the environment, the Thailand team weighed how natural disasters could drastically impact society, human behaviour and technology. In “Honeybee”, natural disasters become commonplace and this turbulence unites people as they recognise the importance of conservation to protect societal health and wellbeing. While some industries such as insurance will grow in response, other such as infrastructure will need to be redesigned.

On the other hand, in the “Lazy Sloth” scenario where natural disasters are a rarity, people tend to be individualistic. The economy is also able to focus on the growth of the economy and technology as it paves the way for more efficient production of goods and services.

Panun Prachuabmoh

Our congratulations to the winning team from Singapore and we are also very proud of the Thailand team. I hope the Thai team will be making the best use of the good friendship and the invaluable experience from the competition to explore ways to increase awareness about Energy Transition to the greater public for our sustainable future.

Panun Prachuabmoh, Country Chairman, the Shell Company of Thailand Limited.