“The opportunity to be involved in world scale projects.” This is one of the things Shell Graduate Samantha loves about her work at Shell. Sam is currently working at Shell’s Prelude project which, in global energy terms, is about as ‘world scale’ as it gets.

Sam’s current role is Graduate Contract and Operations Analyst working on ventures at Shell’s Prelude project. This involves working closely with Shell’s Operations team and Joint Venture partners to ensure timely and correct delivery of LNG, LPG and Condensate cargos from Prelude. Sam holds a Process Engineering degree from the University of Western Australia. 


“I am an excellent example of the diversity available in Shell’s Graduate Programme.”

Shell Graduate Samantha Palmer writing on a whiteboard, having a discussion with her mentor Elise-Anne Muir

“One of the great things about working for Shell is flexibility. Shell understands that as new graduates we are keen to learn and is proactive in finding diverse learning situations for each of us.

Take my current work for example. I am a technical graduate now involved in a commercial role ensuring Prelude operations are conducted in line with legal obligations for all joint venture participants. Through this role I’ve been exposed to parts of the business I didn’t know existed.

It’s the friendliness of the team that’s noticeable. . There is a great deal of support and willingness to invest in learning and development.”

Sam is still surprised at how world scale Shell’s Prelude FLNG facility is. “It’s an amazing opportunity to work on such pioneering technology. I was part of a team that travelled to Korea to work on Prelude’s commissioning. It’s hard to comprehend the actual size of the facility; pictures certainly don’t do it justice.”

All Shell Graduates are given the opportunity to choose a mentor. Sam’s mentor is Elise-Anne Muir who also works on the Prelude project.

For Sam, the relationship with Elise is central to her new role at Shell. “Elise is a motivating mentor, role model and friend. She is always happy and bubbly; supportive and able to provide invaluable advice.

“Elise and I have a lot of fun, it’s always great spending time together”

Shell Graduate Samantha Palmer having a discussion with her mentor Elise-Anne Muir over coffee

“We see each other almost every day and have dedicated one-on-one meetings every week. Elise and I have a lot fun, it’s always great spending time together. I learn lots and always come away energised and enthused. Elise is very involved and interested in my career and is able to offer suggestions for ways to improve or tasks that I can learn from.

“I especially admire the energy with which Elise completes her work. She has been particularly helpful in encouraging me to think more about self-promotion. We work on how I can better put myself forward and grab the opportunities regularly presented at Shell.

“But it’s not all about the job. Elise supports my personal development more broadly: like building personal connections and a network of contacts. Elise and I have lots in common, especially our senses of humour; we laugh a lot.”

As a Shell Graduate, Sam believes the mentoring aspect of her program has been of great personal benefit to her as she commences her professional career. “Mentoring and development is a key focus here at Shell and is integral to the culture.

“Shell is great for graduates. I encourage tertiary students looking for a professional career to get online and discover why.”