Graduate working on a project

After working at Shell for 10 years, Krishna understands how helpful the Shell Graduate Programme can be. “Shell is a very big company. I often say Shell covers everything ‘from wells to wheels’: it’s very multi-faceted organisation. That’s why I believe you need a mentor, to help shape your career and guide your future path; to be a compass in this sea of opportunities.”

Krishna completed a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, which led him to his current role as Crude Oil Consultant in Shell’s Projects and Technology. It’s a role he describes as thrilling because: “I help support the operations of our refineries across the Asia- Pacific region. I’m part of a team that solves difficult technical and process problems which arise and can impact our operations.”

Krishna views mentoring as a vital aspect of shaping a graduates career: “Qualifications are undoubtedly important. However, I also know you learn so much extra through your day-to-day exposure in working for Shell. This new and diverse work experience is often a real learning curve. You need a guide who’s been there and knows the terrain. That’s why the mentor/mentee relationship is important for Shell, I believe.”

“The culture also encourages you to speak your mind, to ask questions”

a man and a women having a casual conversation

The overall culture of Shell and a number of factors contribute to the Graduate Programme working well. “Shell is an equal opportunity employer and it takes care if its employees. Importantly for graduates, there are clearly defined developmental plans. Shell’s leaders are receptive, open-minded and transparent about discussing work matters and where you want to go. Over the past decade, I’ve seen this as a proven recipe for accepting novel ideas and building a creative and dynamic business together.”

Concerning his working with mentee Mounika, Krishna said: “I began working with Mounika back when she was an intern. She is committed and dedicated to her work; she is always willing to learn. This hasn’t changed.”

“It’s especially pleasing is seeing Mounika grow in confidence even in these few months. She is applying technical concepts to real life working challenges.”

Krishna and Mounika not only discuss work matters, Krishna notes: “Mounika and I both enjoy laughing at each other’s stories about our experiences, school days and life in general. Food is always a topic for heated conversation given our different preferences.” This has developed a stronger, open and trusting relationship between the pair.

“Overall, being involved in Shell’s Graduate Programme has been, and still is, a great experience. It’s been humbling in some ways. I’m learning lots about myself as a leader and manager, from discussions with Mounika about various work matters.”

The mentor/mentee relationship is a key factor in Krishna’s recommending Shell’s Graduate Programme to potential candidates. “Shell has been solving energy problems for generations. To continue to do that into the future Shell must employ talented graduates, especially those who are constantly engaging with technical and leadership challenges and take pride in what they do.”

“So if you are a talented graduate, honest and open-minded, and you are looking for an employer who can partner with you and develop you professionally, then please, think about Shell first.”