Our TaCIT professionals are working with some of the most innovative IT in the energy industry.

Shell’s pioneering TaCIT team is one of our most boundary-pushing departments, integrating technical IT with technology and engineering advances. Our experts in TaCIT merge IT, business, science, and technology to discover forward-thinking solutions to business functions as vast as refinery optimisation, well automation and collecting, interpreting and mapping seismic data.

As Shell moves towards ever more technically advanced ways of working, we need creative thinkers across different areas of expertise. We’re looking for innovators who can increase the pace of technology development, deploy global solutions across the entire value chain, and respond to the needs of our customers and partners.

What we look for

TaCIT drives IT innovation through integration of our technical-based businesses, as such we require not only top talent with a proven technical skill set, but also innovative individuals with specialisms in diverse technical fields, and business experts with hybrid skills and strong experience.  

TaCIT integrates the best minds from pools of Geoscientists, Geophysicists, Geologists, Geomechanics, Production Geologists, Production Seismologists, Reservoir Engineers and Geo Information Management Analysts. We continuously search inside Shell, but also look to other companies, academia, and experts inside or outside our industry to help us maintain a competitive edge and innovative potential.

Your ability to work as part of a diverse and collaborative team that integrates all areas of our technical businesses is a must. We also seek creative candidates who can spot opportunities to develop innovations where Shell can make a marked impact, not just in IT, but across all of our businesses. In return, we offer exemplary training programmes and opportunities for you to develop your own career path.

Meet the manager

Amy Suhl, Vice President and CIO for Projects and Technology, sees TaCIT as a part of Shell’s business that gives them a clear advantage in the energy industry. 

“Some of the things we’re doing are just amazing,” she says. “We have the capabilities to do things that other companies can only aspire to.”

Key to its success, she says, is that not only does Shell constantly develop new technologies, but also it finds new uses for existing ones. 

“We look at how technology can be used for things you might not have thought about,” says Amy, who goes on to explain how Shell is now looking at how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be used to carry out safe and efficient inspections.

In summing up TaCIT and the broader role of functional IT, Amy says that they provide information at the speed we need, with the device we have, from wherever we are. This is one of the crucial aspects that will lead Shell into a new, innovative future.

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