Taxes make up a major part of the fuel price. Shell can help you quickly and easily reclaim available VAT and excise duty on your fuel card purchases across Europe. With FDE, one of the leading VAT refund agencies in Europe, Shell fuel card customers can receive VAT in as little as 14 days from date of invoice, improving cash flow and resource planning.

European-wide coverage

Reclaim VAT in 24 European countries.

Increased liquidity

Our efficient refund service means you don’t have to wait for several months for your VAT refund, allowing you to manage and plan your cash flow better. With our clear and transparent service, you know exactly how much VAT you can reclaim, and when you will receive it.


As part of our VAT and excise duty recovery service, FDE receives your invoices directly from Shell, with any time-consuming and complex administration work automatically completed on your behalf. We also handle all communication with the relevant authorities – meaning you never have to worry about issues with language barriers.

Reliable advice

Our experts are on hand to answer your questions, helping you understand where you can recover VAT, and what products are eligible for a refund.

Choose your preferred refund from our four available services:

Net Invoicing VAT Refund

This is the fastest method. VAT will be credited to you 2 weeks after the date of invoice. This service is offered on euroShell invoices and is available in almost 20 European countries.

Normal VAT Refund

With this method your return payment is processed when the tax authorities have transferred the VAT due to you. This service is necessary for those countries where net invoicing is not permitted or possible for your company.

Monthly VAT Refund

This service is available for customers who register for Net Invoicing. It provides a complementary solution for all non-euroShell Card invoices, with VAT refunds credited to you each month.

Save money on Diesel fuel with Excise-Duty Refund

Alongside VAT refunds, Shell can also help you recover part of your excise duty on diesel purchases. This service is available for Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

For further information on how register for tax refund services, contact your local Shell company.

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Security features

Security is key to a Shell Fuel Card. That’s why you’ll find manageable usage controls, alerts and dedicated fraud teams. Giving you all the convenience of a fuel card, along with piece of mind.

Road tolls and taxes

No need to worry about cash, as you can use a Shell Fuel Card to pay for road tolls and taxes. Then everything is added to a single invoice. Making life easier for everyone involved.