We know that fraud poses a major threat to your business, which is why we make sure first-class security features come as standard with every Shell Fuel Card. Our dedicated fraud detection teams help identify suspicious activity in seconds – meaning you can use Shell Fuel Cards with peace of mind. 

In 2011, our dedicated fraud teams saved our customers $4 million through proactive fraud prevention – we’re always on the lookout for suspicious behaviour. 

With Shell Card Online, you control exactly how and where your cards can be used, stopping fraudulent use before it happens. 

Every single card transaction is monitored, giving you a clear and transparent view of exactly what’s happening. 

Shell’s new Real Time Detection (RTD) system filters up to 160 million transactions a year, alerting you as soon as suspicious activity occurs, preventing additional damage to your business. 

Shell immediately accept liability after misuse is reported.   

Individual pin 

Every Shell Fuel Card is protected by an individual card PIN, adding a further layer of security. Every card can also be embossed with an individual vehicle number or driver’s name, helping encourage your drivers to look after cards carefully.   

Real control over your cards   

Customise each card for use nationally or internationally. 

Choose what products each card can be used to buy —including specifying selected fuels, lubricants, allowing payment car wash payments, road tolls and more. 

Order new cards or cancel existing ones in minutes, making it easier than ever to prevent lost or stolen card usage   

Immediate liability switch   

As soon as we receive your cancellation confirmation in writing, Shell accepts liability on all subsequent transactions.   

Dedicated fraud teams 

Our dedicated cards fraud teams are on the alert for irregular behaviour, contacting you the moment we think there might be a problem.  

CCTV Coverage   

CCTV is in full operation at many Shell stations, providing a serious deterrent to fraud and proving invaluable in identifying perpetrators. 

More in on the road services

Road tolls and taxes

No need to worry about cash, as you can use a Shell Fuel Card to pay for road tolls and taxes. Then everything is added to a single invoice. Making life easier for everyone involved.

Tunnels and bridges

Keep moving with a Shell Fuel Card. Pay for tolls on tunnels and bridges in all major European countries.