Whether your business is carrying passengers from city to city, transporting goods from country to country, or managing a fleet of vehicles servicing your local community, you’ll know it takes much more than simply fuel to keep your vehicles on the road.

Road tax schemes are in place in almost every country in Europe, often with a wide variety of payment methods. With a Shell Fuel Card your drivers won’t need to worry about using cash to pay for tolls - charges will simply be added to your single invoice for the whole fleet, helping you manage costs simply and effectively.

Choose the euroShell Card as your partner for road and toll payments to enjoy an extensive range of benefits:

  • All of your toll and road tax costs are included on your regular euroShell invoice, alongside your fuel costs;
  • Settle toll-related bills in Europe with one single credit assessment and one single payment;
  • Customizable reports to help you analyse and optimize your expenditure.
  • Additional VAT recovery, where relevant (find out more about VAT recovery)
  • We offer discounts for qualified frequent users – check the conditions, established by toll chargers, and pocket the savings you are entitled to.
  • We can provide tips on the type of payment, which is most economical for the routes your company fleet is using.
  • We will give you advice on applicable registration procedures, if such are required by the toll operators.
  • You can find on our pages links to the websites of all toll partners, accepting the euroShell Card, where you can check the latest tariffs or any other changes.
  • Finally, with euroShell Card you are sure to get access to all new developments – brought to you every year, as our offer swiftly extends to yet more countries, implementing new road charging schemes. 

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Security features

Security is key to a Shell Fuel Card. That’s why you’ll find manageable usage controls, alerts and dedicated fraud teams. Giving you all the convenience of a fuel card, along with piece of mind.

Tunnels and bridges

Keep moving with a Shell Fuel Card. Pay for tolls on tunnels and bridges in all major European countries.