Type of Marine Business

Shell Thailand divided a Marine business according to the business characteristics into 2 main groups:

  1. International Marine 
    Vessels, which are considered as international marine business, must have ton gross over 500 TGs and must officially advise the arrival and departure with H.M. Custom Department and must be scheduled to depart from Thailand within 30 days after loading oil products. The stated trading can be exempted for value added tax (VAT) regarding to the requirements of Excise Department.
  2. Local Marine
    Other marines except the definition of international marine, Shell considers them as local marine, which be added value added tax (VAT). Products, which can be delivered to the customers, are same as the products stated in international marine.

Shell Marine Products

Shell Main Fuel Grades

  • Bangkok Deport - Marine Fuel Oil, Marine Diesel Fuel, Marine Gas Oil, and Specific blending grades
  • Phuket Depot - Marine Gas Oil
  • Songkla Depot - Marine Fuel Oil

Lubricant & Grease Package

1. Lubricant Package

  • Drum 200 Ltrs for local grades
  • Drum 209 Ltrs for imported grades
  • Pail 18 Ltrs for all grades

2. Grease Package

  • Drum 180 Kgs for local grades
  • Pail 18 Kgs for all grades

Local Ports & Depots

Ports Depots Barges

Shell can deliver products to the following local ports:

  • Bangkok Port
  • Sriracha Port
  • Sichang Island Port or Ko

Sichang Port

  • Laem Chabang Port
  • Map Ta Phut Port
  • Phuket Port (only car delivery)

Songkla Port (only car delivery)

Shell Thailand has 14 depots around Thailand. Depots, which are used for marine business, are only three depots as follows:

  • Bangkok depot (Chong Non Sri depot, CNS)  - Location : Central of Bangkok alongside Chaopraya river
  • Phuket depot  - Location : Near Phuket deep sea port
  • Songkla depot - Location : Near Songkla deep sea port
We have 8 barges (5 vessels for black oil and 3 vessels for white oil) under Shell contractor's fleet which are quarterly safety checked referring to Shell Standard.

Further Information

If you would like further information about Shell Marine Products, visit our global website at www.shell.com/marine.

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