Gas Turbines - require an oil with high temperature oxidative stability (175C), good air release, low foaming and no rusting.

Steam Turbines - need an oil with moderate temperature oxidative stability (95C), excellent water-shedding and air release properties, low foaming and no rusting.

Combined Cycle Oils - need to cover all properties required of both gas and steam turbine oils.

Shell has a range of high quality turbine oils that offer excellent oxidation performance, long-life and value.

Steam & Turbine Oils

Shell Turbo Oils T

Shell Turbo T oils offer long oil service life under severe operating conditions.

Shell Turbo T oils provide long term protection against rust and corrosion of your hardware. The outstanding filterability characteristics, even in the presence of water and typical non-turbine oil contaminants, reduces the problems associated with blocked filters.

Shell Turbo T oils offer protection not only for older model steam turbines, but also for the latest designs and most highly rated power turbines.

Shell Turbo T oils, available in ISO grades 32, 46, 68 and 100, are suitable as lubricating oils for main shaft bearings and mechanical gears for application in the following areas:

  • Power and industrial steam turbines
  • The majority of gas turbines
  • Hydroelectric turbines
  • Turbo-compressors
  • Other applications where high quality rust and oxidation inhibited oils are required.

Gas Turbine Oils

Shell Turbo Oils GT

Shell Turbo Oil GT 32 is formulated using Shell's exclusive XHVI technology to meet the higher temperatures found in high output stationary industrial gas turbines. A unique multiple anti-oxidant system is balanced with rust and corrosion inhibitors to provide extremely good thermal and oxidation stability, rust protection and anti-foam properties.

Shell Turbo Oil GT 32 is particularly suitable for large heavy duty industrial gas turbines which have an internal third bearing. It can also be used in many smaller gas turbines found in a variety of applications where an ISO 32 viscosity grade is recommended.

Combined Cycle Turbine Oils

Shell Turbo Oils CC

Shell Turbo Oil CC has been developed to meet the severe demands imposed by modern, heavy duty gas turbine applications, exceeding OEM specifications for both gas and steam turbines. A patented additive technology ensures that this product offers substantially improved performance over conventional turbine oils. Its unique combination of excellent oxidative stability, sludge control and surface properties make Turbo Oil CC the first choice lubricant for emerging combined cycle turbine technology, as well as existing gas and steam turbine plants.

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