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Lubricants are designed to perform many functions in a machine: reduce friction and wear, transfer power, remove contaminants and transfer heat, to name just a few. Because of this the analysis of used lubricants can reveal important information about the condition of machinery and the ongoing serviceability of the lubricant.

Shell Care Turbine is a tailored oil and wear debris analysis programme which monitors the behaviour and the condition of the turbine and turbine oil. Shell Care Turbine enables you to undertake long term, pro-active planning of lubricant servicing, using information based on tests such as RBOT and Acid Number.

Infra Red Thermographic Imaging

Machines and process equipment emit heat in the form of electromagnetic radiation, displaying thermal patterns that reveal valuable information about their operating condition.

When these patterns are captured as thermal images and then analysed by experienced engineers who have knowledge of machinery, heat generation and heat transfer, significant performance problems can be identified.

  • Shell Thermographic Imaging Services prevents unplanned downtime due to electrical faults and reduces energy costs by identifying heat loss or cooling system leaks. An annual thermographic imaging inspection is recommended for all switchgear.

Ultra Sonic Acoustics Inspection

Ultra Sonic Acoustic Inspection detects gas leaks or flow restrictions, or electrical discharge for electricity transmission and steam trap auditing.

With Ultra Sonic Acoustic Inspection Services you can listen to sounds which are outside of the audible frequency range of humans and beyond the scope of detection of vibration analysis equipment. In fact, Ultra-Sonic Acoustic Inspection provides the most efficient means of identifying some specific, highly critical equipment faults. This is why Ultra Sonic Acoustic Inspection Services from Shell Global Services provides an invaluable addition to Condition Monitoring.

Vibration Analysis

Recording vibration readings for rotating machinery is like monitoring the human heart beat. And only highly skilled people can relate a person's heart beat to their health. In the same way, in the world of machinery maintenance, only highly skilled and experienced people can interpret the vibration signature of a machine and use that data to analyse its condition.

All rotating equipment has a vibration signature. Understanding how that signature relates to machine condition and performance is critical to any worthwhile vibration analysis service and that's why Shell Vibration Analysis leads the field. It takes condition monitoring one critical step beyond analysis to diagnosis and prognosis.

Shell Vibration Analysis Services:

  • Available for turbines where no inbuilt VA monitoring and analysis hardware or software is available.
  • Can help reduce downtime losses by identifying problems before they lead to catastrophic failure.
  • Can increase time between equipment overhauls.
  • Assists in monitoring the success of corrective action.
  • Enables fast identification of installation errors before costly damage can occur.

Failure Diagnostics

When involved in failure diagnosis, Shell Global Services seek to identify the cause of a failure using a systemic approach and to provide recommendations for a safe, realistic, cost effective and reliable course of action to provide lasting solutions - fix it properly the first time.

Site Audits

Reliability Audits and Predictive Maintenance System Audits are offered to assess site practices against industry best practice.

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