Prefill Inspection

Prefill Inspection incorporates assessing logistics, lubricant specification and volume, filtration and purification requirements and HSE spill containment.

Commission Fill & Recirculation

Commission Fill & Recirculation includes on-site filling of oil into the turbine and the removal of solids contamination from turbine manufacture and installation. The oil is filtered to OEM specification.

Oil Change Out

Combines arranging waste disposal of used turbine oil, refilling the turbine and filtering the oil to OEM specification.

Recirculation Filtration & Purification

A regular in situ, on-line service involving the removal of solid contaminants and soluble water from turbine oil. Both of these are important factors in maximising the life of your turbine oil. After each service the oil is tested to OEM specification.

Failure Flushing

Failure flushing involves isolating the nature and likely location of debris from failure and instituting a flushing regime that concentrates on the affected area.

Filtration of Bulk Storage & Ancillary Systems

As ancillary and bulk storage facilities are only required on an as needs basis, water and other particulates can often accumulate. Annual filtration removes these contaminants giving peace of mind that when these systems are needed, they will be clean and dry.

Oil & Air Filtration Surveys

Optimise filter service life and reduce associated maintenance costs by conducting Oil and Air filtration Surveys, ensuring that system cleanliness targets are achieved.

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We can provide your business with fluid and inventory management services, lubrication maintenance services and specialised training.

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Shell Diala B & BX transformer oils provide excellent insulation performance and corrosion protection.