Pulverisation Mill Lubrication Maintenance Services

Achieve optimal lubrication of the open gears of coal pulverisation mills by implementing routine and shutdown inspections of pinions, girth gears, pinion and trunion bearings and centralised lubrication systems.

Fluid Management Services

Lubricant Survey

A comprehensive survey prepared by Shell Product Application Specialists, details equipment on site, lubrication required and lubrication frequency helping you to streamline and improve current lubrication practices.

Fluid Management & Inventory Management

Take the hassle out of lubrication management and let Shell do it for you. Fully trained, on-site fluid technicians apply lubricants and maintain inventory.

Centralised Lubrication Systems

Shell can design, install and commission centralised lubrication systems including single line, dual line and hybrid systems.

Hydrocarbon Waste Management

Shell can assist you in minimising, collecting, removing and destroying waste oil, grease and contaminated materials under certified operations to help you meet environmental obligations.


Training programs ranging from short presentations on The Fundamentals of Lubrication to comprehensive and interactive courses for Metallurgy and Failure Diagnosis are available.

More in Power

Transformer Oils & Services

Shell Diala B & BX transformer oils provide excellent insulation performance and corrosion protection.

Turbine Lubrication Maintenance Services

Whether you are commissioning a turbine, changing the turbine oil or carrying out routine maintenance, Shell has the right service for you.