Unique formulation

Next generation Shell Tellus Oil incorporates a unique patented additive system designed to keep everything in healthy working order under even extreme conditions. Shell guarantees a globally consistent performance of Tellus next generation, offering you worldwide the highest quality standards.

By working closely with major equipment manufacturers, continually carrying out stringent testing and conducting ongoing research into hydraulic oils, we ensure that you benefit from the latest developments.

Control your maintenance schedule

By using next generation Shell Tellus, you can keep your production processes going smoothly – and be confident that you won’t let your customers down. Next generation Shell Tellus exceeds the DIN standard to offer you unprecedented levels of performance:

  • Extends your maintenance intervals by up to 100%
  • Protects your equipment and production line
  • Enables you to plan maintenance when it suits your schedule
  • Prevents unexpected equipment failures
  • Promotes smoother operation
  • Reduction of oil waste through extended drain intervals

In addition, next generation Shell Tellus:

  • More than doubles the expected industry life span*
  • Outperforms all major competitors

* The double life is related to measurements done in the TOST ASTM D943 test. 

A more cost-effective investment

By investing in next generation Shell Tellus, you can minimise a number of operating costs which you may previously have regarded as unavoidable. By reducing expensive maintenance, unplanned downtime and premature equipment failure, your manufacturing processes – and your own working day – will run more smoothly.

These gains are due to the key features of next generation Shell Tellus:

  • Wear Protection All-round protection at all times, reducing wear and increasing performance
  • Oxidative stability For longer machine life
  • Superior filterability Improves the cleanliness of the fluid and remains unaffected by water and calcium contamination
  • Thermal stability Promotes cleaner systems and longer life - and reduces downtime
  • Hydrolytic stability Resistant properties give protection from breakdown and corrosion

Global assurance

Shell Tellus is the world’s leading hydraulic oil. It operates one hydraulic pump in ten worldwide, and continues to set the industry standard. You can depend on Shell’s global knowledge and extensive experience to ensure that this advanced new oil range will meet your needs.

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