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About Shell Tellus Oils – The Next Generation

Why use an inferior fluid, when you can now use Tellus that offers superior protection.

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Our Product Application Specialist suggests how to select hydraulic oils to achieve optimal performance.

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Answers to some of the most common questions about hydraulic oils.

Shell Tellus Product Range

Shell Tellus Product Range

Shell Tellus hydraulic fluids include extra-long-life synthetic technologies capable of up to four times standard life, through to reliable products for less-demanding applications.

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CNHTC, China

CNHTC, China

By replacing their hydraulic pump oil with Shell Tellus S2 M 46, CNHTC doubled their oil-drain intervals saving US$15,644.

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Automotive Component Manufacturer, Thailand

Automotive Component Manufacturer, Thailand

Changing to Shell Tellus S2 M hydraulic oil reduced unscheduled maintenance on Yarnapund’s pipe-bending machine saving over US$71,300 a year.

Download the Yarnapund case study
Omni Plastics, China

Omni Plastics, China

By changing to Shell Tellus S2 M 46, Omni Plastics doubled the oil-drain interval of their hydraulic systems saving a reported US$60,000 annually.

Download the Omni Plastics case study

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