Nakornchai Air Company Limited is one of Thailand’s leading bus and coach operators with routes connecting the capital with the northern and eastern parts of the country. Nakornchai Air is committed to first class customer service, safe driving and environmental stewardship. Nakornchai Air decided to test the benefits of Shell FuelSave Diesel, 75 vehicles of the company’s modern bus fleet ran on Shell FuelSave Diesel.

Using Shell FuelSave Diesel in the trial helped Nakornchai Air achieve:

  • Average fuel consumption savings of 1.6%
  • Faster filling due to less foaming

“There has been a clear reduction in fuel consumption – an average of 1.6% compared to the consumption of the same vehicles over the same period a year ago. In this way, Shell FuelSave Diesel has helped us save around US$0.01 – US$0.02/litre**, thanks to its efficiency. On an annual basis, this could mean around a US$134,000 reduction in operating costs*”, said Mr.Sayan Wongbenjarat, owner of Nakornchai Air Company Limited.

"A fuel that helps our fleet to run more efficiently saves us money. A fuel that can protect our engines also helps lower our vehicle maintenance costs, and one that allows better combustion helps reduce our vehicle emissions. Shell FuelSave Diesel ticks all three of these boxes!"

Mr. Sayan Wongbenjarat, owner of Nakornchai Air Company Limited

*Based on a total annual fuel consumption of approximately 8.4 million litres by the entire bus fleet of 109 vehicles, a fuel price of Baht 30 per litre and an exchange rate of Baht 30/US$1.
** Based on a fuel price of Baht 30 per litre and an exchange rate of Baht 30/US$1.

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