Formica Thailand is a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers and is part of the worldwide Formica Group. As a company which aims to operate in an environmentally responsible way and mindful of their duty to the local community, they were keen to find a solution. 

Formica Thailand decided to convert their boilers from using regular fuel oil to Shell FuelOil Extra on two boilers for five months and they observed the following benefits:

  • Fuel consumption savings of up to 1.5%1
  • Significant waste management cost savings
  • Sustained reduction in black smoke emissions
  • Better relations with local residents due to the reduction in black smoke
  • Easier maintenance and waste management

“Once the trial began we noticed an immediate improvement in emissions and after the trial we had no hesitation in switching permanently to Shell FuelOil Extra*. Since then, we have continued with regular testing of emissions and have been pleased to see that the initial black smoke reductions have so far been sustained for more than three years.

We’ve also seen that boiler components such as the nozzle or burner are cleaner with Shell FuelOil Extra making maintenance and waste management easier. And with the reduction in soot, we’ve seen a welcome decrease in our waste management costs”, said Steven W. Valentine, Plant Manager of Formica Thailand.

To put this in financial terms, the annual fuel consumptions saving achieved by Formica Thailand would have amounted to a total of approximately THB 680,000/year on the basis of these results2.

By helping us to improve our fuel efficiency and reduce our waste management costs, we have found that Shell FuelOil Extra makes a real difference to our bottom line!

(Steven W. Valentine, Plant Manager, Formica Thailand)

* Local name of Shell FuelOil Extra in Thailand.

1 The trial monitored Formica Thailand’s fuel consumption in its boilers in a 5 month period from 1 August to 31 December 2010 during which they used normal fuel oil from 1 August to 15 October and Shell FuelOil Extra for the period from 16 October to 31 December.

2 Figure calculated on the following assumptions: (i) an annual fuel consumption saving of 1.5% (as experienced during the trial) on a total annual fuel oil consumption of 2.064 million litres; and (ii) a fuel oil price of Baht 22 per litre.

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