Navigating through this time of uncertainty has been challenging for all. Strength within communities is needed like never before as we need to reconsider the approach to secured economy and shape a more sustainable future. At Shell, sustainability means providing more and cleaner energy solutions responsibly in a way that promotes collaboration and respects for people. The company always puts great effort into meeting the demand for energy while improving people’s lives in the environment, economic, and social securities.

Shell maintains our value to society through various programs that are aligned with the current and future needs of Thailand while meeting the demand for energy. With the Community Skill and Enterprise Development (CSED) theme, ‘Fuel the Happiness’, is a Shell flagship program that reinforces lifelong learning and trains underprivileged students and children with disabilities to acquire occupational skills such as social enterprise agriculture to become self-reliant, ultimately turning their challenges into opportunities and driving positive change for their community.

Panun Prachuabmoh, Country Chairman, the Shell Company of Thailand Limited, said: “Particularly after the COVID-19, we are facing new and compound challenges, and the three priorities for Shell to address such challenges are to Care for people, to support business Contiunity, and to Create the value out of our Investment with efficiency — playing our part in limiting the spread and impact of the pandemic inside and outside our company while making sure we continue to provide essential products and services responsibly, and accelerate initiatives for local communities and ourselves to recover rapidly and emerge stronger together. The CSED theme serves Shell’s commitment to supporting society and ensuring capabilities and resources are available for Thais to live sustainably.”

Seeing the importance of schools as a second home for young people, Shell is delighted to partner with the Mechai Viravaidya Foundation to extend the scope of schools into community life-long learning centers. Under the project ‘Fuel the Happiness’, students together with their parents are provided training in modern agricultural and business practices, resulting in lifelong skills that will lead to career opportunities and sustainable incomes for the students, their families, and communities.

With a 27 million baht budget to date, the program under Shell’s CSED theme has expanded to benefit over 46,000 students from 91 schools nationwide since it began in 2015, generating over 8.9 million baht in income (2.6 million baht in income from the sale of agricultural products and another 6.3 million baht from businesses loaned by the program). Of the total participating in the program, 900 business group start-ups with the programme received benefits from micro-credit loans. Meanwhile, 26 students had internships at Shell stations and five out of the total are working at Shell stations.

“Shell looks forward to continuing the project in its next phases to improve young people’s quality of life, supporting local communities in driving their community economically, environmentally, and socially. We are glad ‘Fuel the Happiness’ has successfully given training in social enterprise agriculture and helped local people to generate and sustain an income in line with our desire to enhance a ‘Better Life’ to the Thai people,” Panun concluded.

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