Our History 1892


On September 23, 1892, the SS Murex, the world's first oil tanker, approached Bangkok's shores with 1,250 tonnes of "Crown" kerosene. Shell built the first terminal, Pak Lat terminal Samut Prakan, in Thailand. The event marked the beginning of Shell's success story in Thailand.


The Samuel brothers formed Shell Transport and Trading Company and used seashell for company's logo.


To facilitate marketing in the Asian region, Shell Transport and Trading Company and Royal Dutch Petroleum Company set up a new corporation called the Asiatic Petroleum Company.

Our History 1914


The Asiatic Petroleum (Siam) Ltd. was first housed on Oriental Lane. At the same time, an oil import terminal was established at Bangpakok, providing bulk storage facilities for the company's petroleum products.


The 26 acres of a new oil depot situated in Bangpakok was completed and replaced with Paklad depot


Asiatic Petroleum (Siam) Ltd. saw the growth as fertile ground for future expansion and acted by acquiring pieces of land in Klong Toey. Today, this area has become the centre of Shell's operations in Thailand.

Our history 1929


Shell saw another change of office location for Asiatic Petroleum (Siam) Ltd. when the company moved to the top floor of the Borneo Company's headquarters at Bantawai. In the same time, regional terminals were established in Korat, Chaing Mai, Denchai, Bandon, Lumpang and Phitsanulok.


The expanding operation of the company was suddenly interrupted during World War II. Like other foreign firms, Asiatic Petroleum (Siam) Ltd. had to shut down in 1939 until the end of the war.


After the war, the Government approached Shell to return to Thailand. The company resumed operations under a new name: The Shell Company of Thailand Ltd. The ever-expanding company established its head office on Charoen Krung Road in the same year, at the corner of Surawongse Road.


Shell has newly established its oil terminal and oil storage tanks in Klongtoei area which was expanded into Chongnonsri terminal today

Our history 1949


Shell gained a healthy market share for its engine lubricants, when the company introduced Shell X-100, the first Shell motor oil to contain additives.


A completely novel concept, Shell gasoline with ICA, was launched to keep carburetors clean.


"Super Shell" was introduced to the local market, as well as "Butagas", a household fuel for cooking.


Shell imported "LPG gas" to the local market.

Our HIstory 1965


Shell Quiz, The longest-running television programme in the Thailand history aiming to improve English skill among Thai people 


"Super Shell with ASD" was introduced reflecting the increasing sophistication of technology.


Shell launched "New Shell Super (20W/50)" lubricant to the market and expanding operations called for another office move to a prime area on Wireless Road.


Shell introduced "Shell Rotella" and "Shell Rimula CT", a lubricant with additives for automotive, industrial and marine diesel engines.


Shell formed Thai Shell Exploration and Production Co.,Ltd. to operated searches for and recovers crude oil in Thailand.

Our history 1982


Shell head office was moved once again following the completion of "Shell House" on Soonthoernkosa Road, Klong Toey. Shell House has since become the centre of operations of The Shell Company of Thailand Ltd. and associated company

Our History 1986


By keeping ahead in new production research and development, Shell introduced Helix, "the living oil", a result of two years of advanced research and development in lubricating oil production.

Our History 1990


On August 17, 1990, His Majesty the King has graciously awarded a Royal Insignia (the seal of Garuda) to The Shell Company of Thailand Ltd. as Shell always give the public only quality products and service, contributed to the growth and development of the country in several other ways and also proved its responsibility to the Thai society.


Shell becomes the first company in Thailand to receive ISO 9002 certification from TIS. Later that same year, Shell has established Rayong Refinery Co., Ltd., Thailand's fourth refinery located in Map Ta Phut, Rayong.


"Shell Pura Diesel", a Semi-Synthetic lubricant, was introduced to the market.


"Shell V-Power Diesel" with Gas-to-Liquid Technology was produced and launched in Thailand for the first place in Asia.


Introducing "SHELL V-POWER"  the technological advances that power Ferrari Formula 1 cars find their way into your vehicle

Our history 2010


Shell Eco-Marathon. Introducing a competition  for Thai Students to build  a vehicle to achieve the highest possible fuel efficiency


Introducing "SHELL V-POWER Nitro+" as well as new smartphone application "SHELL Motorist" to serve SHELL consumers


Launch “Fuel the Happiness” programme to help disadvantaged students to have a greater opportunity in life via Mechai Foundation


First in Shell to launch “Official LINE Account” for Shell


First in Shell to launch “Official LINE Account” for Shell

Two men and one lady are holding a pump at the Grand opening of Shell’s new fuels with DYNAFLEX Technology 


Launch Shell’s new fuels with DYNAFLEX Technology

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