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If your business is transporting goods across one or more countries, you know that you need much more than fuel to keep your vehicles on the road.

Almost every country in Europe currently has some form of road charging scheme and in many the bill can be settled using a variety of payment methods. Whatever the country, whatever the system, the Shell Fuel Card is there to offer solutions.

Benefits of using the Shell Fuel Card for road tolls

By choosing the Shell Fuel Card as your main partner for road and toll payments you can enjoy a full range of benefits:

  • All toll and road tax-related costs are visible on your Shell Fuel Card invoice
  • A single credit assessment is required, so that later on you can settle all your toll-related bills in Europe with a single payment, irrespective of the number of countries involved
  • Additional reports are available to customise, in case you need to optimise your route
  • Where applicable, VAT will be recovered, along with VAT on your fuel purchases
  • We offer discounts for qualified frequent users
  • We can provide tips on the type of payment, which is most economical for the routes your company fleet is using

Where you can use your card

Select a toll from the list below to get the quick facts about the toll system, as well as the benefits of the different payment options available in each country.

Road Tolls
Road Tolls  
European Region Road, Toll, Tunnel & Bridge
Central & Eastern Europe Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Bulgaria, Baltics, Poland, Russia, Ukraine
Germany, Austria, Switzerland Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Eurovignette countries Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden
BeNeLux and France Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France
Southern Europe Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece