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We work closely with UK's Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) to ensure that our websites meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 1.0 Double-A.

The site has been tested by RNIB to ensure that it is compatible with adaptive technologies such as screen readers, Braille output, screen magnification, voice input and text browsers.

We continue to work to ensure that everybody's needs are addressed. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact us as we continually strive to improve the experience for all visitors.

Using our websites
Shell websites have a common structure and framework. We use a content management system, which helps us maintain a consistent look and feel and navigation across all country sites.

The homepage displays four quadrants in the main body of the page. These give access to the four main areas of the site. On every other page within Shell.com, the same four areas can be accessed from the horizontal navigation bar across the top of each page. This ensures that you are able to access any area of the site, no matter where you are.

As you begin to explore Shell.com, you’ll discover that as you navigate the site, a trail begins to build up on the left of the page. This left navigation pane allows you to return to an area you may previously have navigated from, or instead, use it to continue on your journey to find more detailed information.

The body of the page is where you will find the real content of the Shell site. This will change and update as you navigate across and around the site.

As you arrive at more detailed articles, you will find the page tools module on the right hand side of the page. This provides three options:

  • E-mail to a friend – Have you found an interesting article that you feel a colleague of friend may find informative? Select this option to share the page.
  • Print page – This option will send the page directly to your printer to produce a hard copy for filing.
  • Bookmark – In the event that you find an informative article and wish to return to it at a later date, select the bookmark option to save the page in your browser bookmarks.
    The footer of the page displays important links. As you navigate, these will update based on the context of the page you are currently viewing.

You will also find the search field within the footer. From here, you can carry out a site wide search in order to find articles and information important to you.

Printable version
On content pages, you will encounter a ‘printable version’ link at the top of the page. The ‘printable version’ link opens in a new window in order to display the content of the page in a printable format.