Developed over the years in laboratory research and field experience around the world, Shell automotive greases provide you with the protection to cope with the most demanding applications.

General Wheel Bearing Application
Products Applications
Shell Retinax LX Greases Shell Retinax LX Greases are premium very high performance extreme pressure long life greases. Developed primarily for heavy duty automotive wheel bearing under high temperatures Shell Retinax LX Greases are suitable for both on and off the road uses. Available in both NLGI 2 and 3.
Shell Retinax HDX2 In some off road applications where shock loads and damp hostile environments are common Shell Retinax HDX2 is the natural choice. Fortified with molybdenum disulphide Shell Retinax HDX2 is also suitable  for "Fifth Wheel" lubricant.
Shell Retinax EP 2 Shell Retinax EP 2 is a multipurpose automotive grease for wheel bearings, chassis joints, universal joints, water pump bearings, generator bearing etc. An excellent choice when the primary objective is grade rationalization.
Shell Retinax CS Shell Retinax CS is a semi-fluid extreme pressure grease for central lubrication systems. Recommended for automatic chassis systems in commercial vehicles.
Shell Supergrease 2000 A transparent lithium grease, with stronger chemical bond by special production technology and extreme pressure additive makes Shell Supergrease 2000 more robust. No hazardous lead and sodium nitrite content. Recommended for wheel bearings of heavy-duty trucks, buses, and agricultural and industrial vehicles.
Shell Ball Bearing HD A thick Water resistant lithium soap grease, blended with anti-wear and oxidation additives. Recommended for wheel bearings of general automobiles, trucks and buses.
Shell Chassis HD A water resistant grease with special tackiness,  recommended for automobile suspensions and other parts except wheel bearings.

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