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Shell Industrial Greases

General Bearing Applications

Table 01
Products General Bearing Applications
Shell Alvania RL Shell Alvania RL greases are long life designed for general lubrication from -30 to +120 C. They are most suited for the lubrication of medium to high speed bearings such as electrical motor bearings. Shell Alvania RL greases expand the life of your bearing and comply with specifications of international bearing manufacturers such as SKF, FAG and NSK.
Shell Alvania EP (LF) Shell Alvania EP (LF) are high quality, all-purpose greases with good extreme pressure capability and resistance to temperature and water. The Shell Alvania EP (LF) greases cover a wide range of applications and consequently simplifies your maintenance and reduces the cost of stocks.
Shell Alvania HD A mixed soap grease of lithium-calcium thickener type, Shell Alvania HD is extremely suitable for applications where water wash-out is a constant worry. Superb mechanical stability means that Alvania HD resists softening and leakage from bearings thereby ensuring optimum protection even in the most demanding environments.
Shell Alvania WR Shell Alvania WR is premium quality, water resistant grease that has proven to be extremely popular grease especially in the steel industry (rolling bearings), in applications where water wash-out is a key issue. Shell Alvania WR allow reduction of consumption up to 30% under intense water exposure. Shell Alvania WR is a mixed soap grease with high viscosity base fluid.
Shell Albida EP 2 Shell Albida EP 2 is a premium quality, high temperature grease based on the latest Shell lithium complex technology and designed for the most severe conditions. It guarantees optimum protection when temperature goes up to +150ฐC continuously or +180ฐC in peak, under high loads and shocks and against water wash-out. Shell Albida EP 2 provides an exceptional resistance to softening and leaking under mechanical stress. This gives you the highest safety factor and the possibility of extended re-greasing intervals.
Shell Albida HD2 and HDX2 Shell Albida HD2 and HDX2 are heavy duty greases with excellent high temperature and long life capabilities. They are recommended for heavy load, heavy duty bearings subjected to high temperature. Shell Albida HD2 and HDX2 are made with very high viscosity base oils. Shell Albida HDX2 is also fortified with Molydebnum Disulphide for shock load applications.

Shell Industrial Specialty Greases

Open Gears

Table 03
Product Open Gears
Shell Malleus Fluids GL Shell Malleus GL fluids are extremely adhesive lubricants that form almost indestructible lubricating films on metal surfaces exposed to dust or severe wash-out. They are specially designed for the lubrication of open gear, wires and ropes operating under the highest loads. Shell Malleus GL fluids are easily sprayed and free from health and safety concerns. Due to their semi-synthetic base oil blend and specific additive, they can reduce your lubricant consumption by up to 50% while ensuring perfect lubrication for your machinery.

Polyurea Greases

Polyurea greases are endowed with many intrinsic properties which gives them natural advantages over other types of greases. These include:

  • Excellent anti oxidation property, suitable for high temperature application.
  • Extremely water resistant.
  • Low friction property, generating less heat.
  • Excellent pump ability than most greases. Shell Polyurea greases can be a problem solver in many applications and environments. They are suitable for use in paper, steel and cement industries.

Shell Polyurea greases can be a problem solver in many applications and environments. They are suitable for use in paper, steel and cement industries.


Table 04
Product Open / Gears
Shell Stamina RL Advance technology grease designed to give exceptional performance and long life in industrial bearings. Recommended for very high temperature applications.
Shell Stamina EP Similar to Stamina RL but fortified with extreme pressure for heavy load applications.
Shell Stamina HDS Advanced technology grease using heavy synthetic base fluid for heavy duty bearings operating at high temperature and severe loads.

Extreme Temperature Applications

Table 05
Product Extreme Temperature Applications
Shell Malleus Greases ET Shell Malleus Greases ET is an extreme temperature grease for application/operating temperature up to 600 C. Typical applications are kiln car bearings, furnace door gear and drying tunnel mechanisms.

Gears Boxes

Table 06
Product Gears Boxes
Shell Tivela Compound A (Shell Tivela GL OO) A synthetic semi-fluid gear lubricant for enclosed gearboxes. Suitable for steel-bronze worm gears or lubricated for life gearboxes.

Filled For Life Bearing

Table 07
Product Filled For Life Bearing
Shell Nerita Grease HV A high performance grease designed for lubrication of heavily loaded, high speed bearings. Recommended where conventional greases are inadequate. Particularly recommended for electric motor bearings and 'filled for life' type bearings.

Shell Automotive Greases

Whether you are trying to get your fleet to run longer period between maintenance or to reduce wear and tear on your equipment, Shell offers you a product for every application.

Find out more about our automotive greases.