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Shell Air Compressor Oils Portfolio

Shell Corena AP

The result of in-house development using synthetic base fluids and the latest additive technology to produce products of the highest available performance. Reciprocating compressors can impose a wide range of operating conditions upon the oil and mineral oils cannot efficiently lubricate the most demanding machines.

Based on synthetic ester fluids to give the product a very high level of performance in term of low deposit formation in air compressors, rust prevention and wear resistance.

Shell Corena AP are available in these ISO grades: 68, 100 and 150.

Shell Corena AS

Based on poly-alpha-olefins (PAO), and suitable for any oil-flooded air compressor, whether of rotary or screw type, for static or mobile plant, or for marine use. In service the superior properties of the synthetic base, particularly in high temperature oxidation stability, result in long service life.

Shell Corena AS are available in these ISO grades: 46 and 68

Shell Corena RA

Shell Corena RA 32 is specially developed for the lubricant of Japanese oil-flooded rotary sliding vane and screw air compressors. Shell Corena RA 32 is designed to service the unique requirements of Japanese rotary air compressors where operation conditions differ from that European / American makes.

Shell Corena RA is available in ISO 32.

Shell Corina P

Specially developed for the lubrication of reciprocating air compressors, Shell Corina P can dramatically cut compressor maintenance. They can increase efficiency over greatly extended operating period and prolong service life. Performance approaches that synthetic oils but at a much lower price.

Shell Corina P are available in these ISO grades: 68, 100 and 150.

Shell Corina S

Premier quality products, highly recommended for both static and mobile plants with working temperature up to 120 C. Based of HVI paraffinic base oils, with additives to impart anti-oxidant, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-foam and dispersancy properties. Oil drain period maybe double as shown by field trails.

Shell Corina S are available in these ISO grades: 32, 46 and 68.

Table 01
Product – Reciprocating Compressor Oils Application and Air - Compressor Makes/Models
Shell Corena P Specialist mineral oil-all makes/models
Shell Corena AP Synthetic Compressor oil – European and U.S. and Japanese makes/models
Table 02
Product – Rotary Compressor Oils Application and Air - Compressor Makes/Models
Shell Corena S Specialist Mineral oil - European and U.S. makes/models
Shell Corena RS Synthetic Compressor oil – Japanese makes/models
Shell Corena AS Synthetic Compressor oil – European and U.S. and Japanese makes/models

Shell Refrigeration Compressor Oils Portfolio

Shel Clavus Oils

Highly refined naphthenic oil with good low temperature properties. Does not contain additives or pour point depressants. Suitable for systems operating with R717, R22 and R12 refrigerants.

Shell Corina S are available in these ISO grades: 15, 32, 46 and 68.

Shell Refrigerator Oils AS 68

Special duty refrigerator compressor oil based on highly refined, chemically inert semi-synthetic fluids. Designed for use in harsh conditions such as those found in ammonia refrigeration applications. Shell Refrigerator Oils AS 68 is especially suitable for the frozen food industry. It is also recommended for less demanding conditions like beverage and diary industries.

Shell Refrigerator Oil AS 68 S are available in these ISO 68.

Shell Clavus R / Shell Fluid R134a-220

Synthetic refrigerator lubricants based on polyol ester fluid. Developed specially for systems operating with R134a and other environmentally friendly refrigerants. Shell Clavus R are available in these grades: 22, 32, 46, 68 and 100.

Shell Fluid R134a-220 is available in ISO 200.

Shell Clavus SD22-12

Special duty refrigerator compressor lubricants based on blend of alkylated benzene and napthanic mineral oil. Shell Clavus SD22-12 is especially recommended for R12 and R22 systems.

Shell Clavus AB

Synthetic lubricants based on alkylated benzene. Particularly recommended for R717 and R22 systems, Shell Clavus AB possess excellent high temp thermal and chemical stability making them suitable for systems with high compression temperatures. Long drain intervals are possible with Shell Clavus AB.

Shell Clavus AB are available in these ISO grades: 32, 46, 68 and 100

Table 03
Product Applications
Shell Clavus Oils Suitable for refrigeration compressors running on R717 (Ammonia), R12 (CFC), and R22 (HCFC) refrigerants.
Shell Refrigeration Oil AS68 Similar to Shell Clavus Oils but with much lower temperature limit for systems with R717. Lower operating temperature is –45 c.
Shell Clavus SD22-12 Recommended for systems operating with R12 (CFC) and R22 (HCFC) refrigerant. Can also be used for systems operating with R717 (Ammonia).
Shell Clavus AB Premium tier synthetic based oils for used in systems with R717, R12, and R22. Give excellent long drain interval performance.
Shell Clavus R Developed specially for systems running with R134a refrigerant.
Shell Fluid R134a-220 High viscosity synthetic oil for refrigeration compressors running with R134a refrigerant.