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Chairman of transport company Regesta S.A Rafal Kwiecien believes that using Shell FuelSave diesel is helping him to save money.

Regesta S.A. is one of the biggest commercial transport companies in the Swietokrzyskie region of Poland, with a fleet of above 200 vehicles.

The company moves goods nationally and across Europe, and hopes to expand its operations. Regesta S.A. is a euroShell card customer. Shell is helping Regesta by supporting Regesta to reduce its fuel spend. According to Rafal Kwiecien, Chairman of Regesta S.A.: “The savings we’ve seen since our switch to Shell FuelSave Diesel will help to improve our financial condition and make us more competitive. Welcome news in tough economic times.”

“On average, the 25 vehicles in our test used more than 1% less diesel over the same distance when using Shell FuelSave Diesel compared with diesel from our previous supplier1. Our drivers also experienced shorter refuelling times, thanks to less foaming.” Rafal Kwiecien, Chairman of Regesta S.A.

After switching to Shell FuelSave Diesel, Regesta was curious to see if it could identify any differences between the performance of Shell FuelSave Diesel compared with fuel from its former supplier. Rafal Kwiecien, company chairman, explains how the company carried out its own comparison exercise  with some very positive results.

“There were three main reasons why Regesta switched to Shell: the high quality of Shell FuelSave Diesel and the additional savings it offered; the competitive price; and the convenient location of Shell filling stations.” Rafal Kwiecien, Chairman of Regesta S.A.

What did you decide to do?

“We took 25 vehicles that all travel similar routes, and monitored their fuel consumption via our telematics systems before and after switching them over to Shell FuelSave Diesel allowing for some time for the change of the fuel to happen properly.”

“We’re grateful to Shell for the benefits we’ve seen when trying Shell FuelSave Diesel and for the close cooperation we’ve experienced between our two companies. So much so, that we’ve expanded our business with Shell.”

Rafal Kwiecien, Chairman of Regesta S.A.

What results did you see?

“On average, the 25 vehicles used more than 1% less diesel over the same distance when using Shell FuelSave Diesel compared with diesel from the previous supplier2. Our drivers also experienced shorter refuelling times, thanks to less foaming.”

What does this mean for your company?

“With a monthly consumption of close to 350.000 litres of diesel, switching to Shell FuelSave Diesel on all vehicles could mean fuel savings of more than 48.000 litres per year if the same savings were achieved on all Regesta’s vehicles. The financial savings mean that we’re in a better financial condition, which gives us a more competitive position in the market.”

So you're happy you've made the switch?

“Yes, I feel that Shell understands our needs. With Shell we get the right fuel at the right fuelling locations. The fuel quality is excellent, plus we receive ongoing support from our Shell Account Manager.”

Shell FuelSave Diesel

The advanced additive formulation in Shell FuelSave Diesel contains a powerful detergent designed to prevent deposits building up. This helps deliver improved fuel economy over the lifetime of the vehicle – at no extra cost. Plus, saving fuel can in turn help lower exhaust CO2 emissions.

Shell’s internal tests with heavy-duty engines used in road transport vehicles have shown fuel savings of up to 3% compared to regular diesel without fuel economy formula. Customer trials have confirmed these results and, in some cases, higher fuel savings were achieved (3).

Your partner in the road

You can rely on the Shell card to support you when you are on the road. It offers a whole range of features, including

  • Access to Shell FuelSave in more than 15 countries, at no extra costs

  • One clear and simple invoice for your entire fleet

  • Cashless payment at our extensive retail network

  • Tailored card security features and controls

  • Payment for road tolls and other on-road services

  • Access to our online fuel card management system: Shell Card Online.

For more information, call your Account Manager or visit www.euroshell.com

1. The above views are those of a Shell customer who has used Shell FuelSave Diesel and may have been edited for brevity or clarity. The customer was not paid for his/her testimonial.

Results were self-reported by the customer using its own telematics equipment and have not been verified by Shell. Results are not indicative of future performance; individual savings may vary.

2. Compared with regular diesel without fuel economy formula.

3. Results may vary per vehicle.