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What does Shell Card Online offer you?

Card deck management - order new cards

Transaction report – reports for invoiced & un-invoiced transactions over a given period

Fuel consumption report – a detailed overview on fuel purchased per card/country/date/time

Invoice Summary reports – a summary of recent invoice amounts

Data download - download specified transactional data

Alerts – smart alerts to help prevent fraud. Select from purchase types and values, dates, times, areas and vehicle numbers to retain a comprehensive overview of your fleet’s refuelling patterns

Exception reports - reports showing transactions that meet or exceed your pre-selected criteria

Summary reports - reports showing invoiced transactions at account, card group or card level, as well as summaries by country and product

Email reports – summaries including vehicle consumption, fuel only or all expenses provided either monthly, quarterly or annually

Site Locator – find the nearest Shell station online, print out the route or export the GPS codes to your navigation system

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and intuitive to use
  • Simple online card management
  • Instant customized information
  • Smarter control of your fleet
  • Secure online invoicing