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Here are our answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact our Customer Service Centre for personalised help and advice.

New customers

Who can become a Shell Card customer?

Any business organisation, who have fuel expense can apply for Shell Card.

How do I apply for a Shell Card?

Please contact 02-262-7799 or fleetcardth@shell.com

How many cards can I have?

As many cards as you need.

What costs are associated with being a Shell Card customer?


Is a Shell Card linked to a driver or a vehicle?

The choice is yours. A card can be linked to a vehicle (vehicle card) or specific driver.

Existing Customers

How can I cancel a card?

Customers on Classic option can also call CSC at 02-262-7788 to get the card cancelled.

How do I block my Shell Card if it is lost or stolen?

Shell Card Service Centre can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week as an after hours there is a hotline number for you. Please refer to Shell Card Terms and Conditions for further detail.

How do I order additional cards?

Customers can also call CSC at 02-262-7788 to order new cards.

Where is my card accepted?

Over 500 stations out of total 550 stations. Please look for the Shell fleet card sign in front of Shell stations.

What can I buy with my card?

You can have your cards restricted by fuel type (e.g. Shell Unleaded/Shell Unleaded E10, Shell V-Power, Shell Diesel), or by products and services (e.g. Lubricants, accessories). To find out more, see Control and Security.

Where do I find the Term and Conditions for Shell Card?

Please contact our customer service team.

Does my Shell Card automatically renew after its expiry date?

Yes, however you have possibility to cancel the renewal, as a card expiry report is sent two months prior to cards expiry for your review.

Statement of account

I have not received my statement of account. Where can I get a copy?

For a copy of your statement of account, you can either retrieve it from Shell Card Online*, where you have archived past statement of account (for the previous 12 months) free of charge. Alternatively you can call our customer service centre who can provide you a paper copy of the Statement of account at a cost.

Account Changes

I have changed my bank details, what should I do?

Please contact Customer Service Centre.

I have changed my company address details, what should I do?

Please provide written confirmation on your company’s letterhead and notify our Customer Service Centre by fax or email.

I have changed my ABN (Tax ID) number, what should I do?

You will be required to complete a new Shell Card application. Please call our Customer Service Centre to assist you in the process.

Online Services

I am not registered for Shell Card Online, how can I get access to it?

You can call our Customer Service Centre to request Shell Card Online application form. And remember Shell Card Online is offered to Shell Card customers at no extra cost!

Can different people in my organisation get access to Shell Card Online?

Yes, not only can different people have access to Shell Card Online, but they can also get different types of access, relevant to usage they need for their specific role. Our Customer Service Centre can help you organise the different accesses. Please contact us.

I have forgotten my password for Shell Card Online, what should I do?

Our Customer Service Centre is waiting to help you. Please contact us.

Queries and Complaints

I have a customer complaint, who should I contact?

Our Customer Service Centre is waiting to help you. Please contact us.

I do not understand a transaction on my statement of account, who should I call?

Our Customer Service Centre is waiting to help you. Please contact us.

* Subject to Shell Card Online Terms and Conditions