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Free 8 Points check

+ Check Brake and Clutch Fluid

+ Check Power Steering fluid

+ Check Engine Belt And Air Conditioner Belt

+ Check Air Filter

+ Check Radiator reserve tank water

+ Check Windscreen tank water

+ Check Battery Distilled Water  

+ Check Tyre


+ Change Engine Oil

+ Change Oil Filter

Gasoline Engine Oil

  Pack Size

Price (Baht)

Shell Helix Ultra

4 Litres


Shell Helix HX8

4 Litres

Shell Helix Eco Car

3 Litres

Shell Helix HX7

4 Litres

Shell Helix Gas HX7

4 Litres

Shell Helix HX5

4 Litres

Shell Helix Gas HX3

4 Litres


Passenger Diesel Engine Oil

Gear and Axle Oils


Pack Size

Price (Baht)
Shell Helix Diesel Ultra
6 Litres 2,350
Shell Helix Diesel HX7
6 Litres 940
Shell Helix Diesel HX5 6 Litres 675
Shell Helix Diesel HX3 6 Litres 565

Commercial Engine Oil

Commercial Engine Oil


Pack Size Price (Baht)
Shell Rimula R4X
6 Litres 745
Shell Rimula R3+
6 Litres 705
Oil Filter
Product Price (Baht)
ProServ Oil Filter Price starts at (Baht): 195

* For promotion and campaign. Please contact receptionist or mechanic.