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Shell V-Power Diesel is an advanced performance fuel designed to help the latest diesel engines continuously deliver more power.

Shell has played a leading role in the development of high quality fuels. For over 100 years, we have been supplying quality fuels, and investing in the best people and science in order to drive fuel technology forward.

Designed to keep your engine in top condition

Modern diesel engines use highly precise injection technology to help deliver great driving performance efficiently and with reduced emissions. Over time, deposits can build up in diesel fuel injection systems - reducing engine power. To sustain great performance, it is critical that these extremely precise and sophisticated parts of the engine are kept in top condition.

Shell V-Power Diesel, with its unique formulation, is designed to remove and prevent such deposits - enabling diesel engines to continuously deliver an improved driving experience.

Shell V Power Diesel is designed to help restore and sustain power lost through deposits.

Formulated for powerful cleaning action

Shell V-Power Diesel is formulated with powerful cleaning agents, designed not only to prevent the build up of fuel injection system deposits but to remove existing deposits which may have been left behind by other fuels.

Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to actively clean fuel injectors to help them continuously deliver great combustion performance, so helping the engine deliver more power for longer.

Unique synthetic gas-to-liquid (GTL) fuel technology

Shell V-Power Diesel is the first and only performance fuel to incorporate the revolutionary gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology. Synthesised from natural gas - with outstanding ignition quality and exceptional purity for cleaner, efficient combustion – Shell has been a leader in the development of this special fuel component. GTL products are colourless, odourless and virtually free of sulphur.

For more than 30 years Shell has been at the forefront of GTL technology and production, working to bring a new generation of cleaner fuels to our customers.

Shell’s  first commercial GTL plant was commissioned in Bintulu, Malaysia in 1993, and has a capacity of around 15,000 barrels per day.

Shell has announced that they intend to build further large-scale facilities for production of synthetic oil products in the coming years. Together with Qatar Petroleum, Shell will build the world's largest GTL facility in Qatar, with a production capacity of 140,000 barrels per day.

Award-winning technology

As further demonstration of Shell's leadership in GTL technology, in 2005 Dr. Wolfgang Warnecke from Shell, and Dr.Wolfgang Steiger from Volkswagen were awarded the 'Professor Ferdinand Porsche Prize', considered by many to be the world's most prestigious award for automotive engineers, for their work on GTL and BTL (Biomass to Liquids) fuels.  The Porsche Prize is awarded to "those technicians whose work will have a lasting influence on the development of the automobile".

Modern high performance diesel engines are precision engineered, high performance machines designed to be quiet, responsive and highly fuel-efficient. Shell V-Power Diesel is specifically designed to help diesel engines achieve and sustain optimum performance.

High performance diesel engines require multiple fuel injections into the combustion chambers every second, delivered by sophisticated and precision engineered diesel injection equipment.

With some everyday diesel fuels, deposits can build up on the fuel injectors of new diesel engines. These deposits can impair the fuel spray and reduce fuel flow, so giving non-optimum combustion and power loss.

Designed to clean your engine

Shell V-Power Diesel has been specially formulated not only to prevent the build up of these deposits but to remove existing deposits. In this way Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to help restore power lost through deposit formation and to help sustain optimal engine performance.

Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to actively clean fuel injectors to help them continuously deliver great combustion performance.

Shell V-Power Diesel is the right fuel for drivers who care about their engine and expect the best performance and quality from a diesel fuel.

If you care about performance

Shell V Power Diesel has been designed by Shell’s international team of fuels scientists and is Shell’s premier performance diesel fuel.  Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to clean your engine from harmful deposits and give you more power for longer.

If you care about quality

We go to great lengths to understand the needs of our customers. In fact, over the years, we’ve performed road trials equivalent to going round the world hundreds of times. Our ongoing investment in research and development programmes is focussed on developing fuels designed to move you better.

Diesel fuel is a complex product composed of many different components. As a minimum, it must be blended to meet the applicable specifications in force for its use in many different situations. However Shell's pro-active quality management processes go way beyond simply meeting specifications.

We consider a fuel to be fit-for-purpose when it not only meets the relevant specification but also carries assurances that it will reliably perform as expected every time, without causing any harmful effects during supply, distribution and end use application.