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Oil and your truck

Delivering fuel savings

Shell’s world-class scientists have collaborated with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop some of the most advanced fuel economy lubricants. Find out about the real value that high quality fuel economy oils can bring to you and your business.

Protection for longer equipment life

We understand that keeping your truck on the road and running efficiently is critical. Shell Rimula protects your equipment, helping improve vehicle performance and availability for efficient operation.

Significantly reducing your operating costs

Optimal protection and longer equipment life, fuel economy and reduced lubricant consumption all add up to real cost savings. Choosing the right oil is a relatively small investment that can make a big difference to your business.

Providing protection across the driveline

It’s important that your lubricants and greases protect all your driveline components against wear, acids and deposits. Discover how different Shell products help protect different parts of your vehicle and your business.

Video library

Explore our video library and discover how Shell Rimula can keep your trucks on the road for longer

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