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Shell Lubricants’ engineers have developed world-class premium and synthetic lubricants that can add value to your operation by helping to:

Reduce lubricant consumption… with extended life products

You want to keep your vehicles on the road and to lower lubrication costs. So you want lubricants and greases that help to extend oil-drain intervals. Shell Rimula heavy duty diesel engine oils are designed to have outstanding oxidation and shear stabilities. Resisting oxidation helps to extend oil-drain intervals.

Deliver fuel savings… with synthetic technology oils

Lower viscosity oils can help to reduce fuel consumption by reducing the energy loss caused by friction. However lower viscosity can lead to concerns about the oil’s ability to protect against wear. Shell’s synthetic oils are designed to deliver fuel savings and protect through the life of the oil.

Extend filter-cleaning intervals with low-SAPS products

Shell’s synthetic oils have a high viscosity index, which means that the oils change less with temperature. They adapt to perform better in hot and cold conditions…by staying thin enough to flow when cold…and thick enough to protect at high temperatures.Jason Brown - Scientist

Synthetic-base oils also provide better protection in cold start, than mineral oils, with excellent low-temperature flow even at - 40 °C.

Choosing the right oil for your vehicle adds value in the long run. Use our quick and easy Shell LubeMatch tool to find the right oil for you.

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