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We carry out laboratory tests on 20 or more different formulations for each grade of oil to ensure they meet international standards laid down by the industry and bike manufacturers.

The formulations that pass this first stage are then subjected to comprehensive rig tests. These tests fine-tune the formula and check whether any components are competing with one another. During tests on Shell Advance, we modified the formula to obtain the best mix of additives, detergents and other components to make sure that bikers get Shell’s ultimate wear protection.

After the rigs tests, several candidates are sent for extensive laboratory bench tests using a wide range of bike engines. Most of our 2-stroke oil bench tests are carried out in our Japanese laboratory where we must meet the high specifications laid down by the Japanese Automobile Society Organisation (JASO). Our 4-stroke engine bench tests are carried out in Japan, Europe and the USA where we have a wide range of representative bike engines.

We check that Shell Advance helps to keep your engine components clean and provides Shell’s maximum wear protection. For example, we examine how the candidate oils are able to prevent, or at least minimise, the build-up of carbon deposits on engine and piston components. In 2-stroke engines, exhaust port blocking is also investigated. The different prototype formulations are also checked to help to maximise lubrication.

More often than not, two of the proposed oils are selected for field testing by a number of riders ranging from professional bikers to the average rider on the street. They test the oil in various parts of the world in both city and rural environments. We also use the tests to assess development work on other lubricants such as chain oils and cleaning agents.

It’s rigorous commitment to testing that ensures the Shell Advance range will always provide you with the right oil you need for your bike. No matter how new or old your engine, you’ll know that Shell Advance will help you enjoy your ride and protect your investment for longer.

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